Lilly Pulizter Party Trimmings

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If you are from the south or summer in the Vineyard, you've likely become accustomed to Lilly Pulitzer's bright floral print dresses. But did you know the brand is getting into the party biz? The cheery florals can now be found on invites, cocktail napkins, etc. Perfect for an at-home tea party for your daughter. While I love Lilly, I do draw the line at two of the sillier items I found in the collection...

An $8 paper crown. It appears the price is for ONE PAPER CROWN. Now I am not a craft expert, but I think I could do a nice crown for under a dollar. And the $18 activity kit (markers are included). I might be tempted to part with $8 for the Loco Patch Drink Umbrellas though. Cheers!

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