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LG's Latest Laundry Appliances


Last week I had the chance to check out the latest offerings from LG and parents these washers and dryers WILL make your life easier - at least the part of it that has to do laundry.

This includes an LG Front-Control Top-Load Washer that is a revolutionary spin on the traditional top-load washer. By moving the control panel from the back to the front, the buttons and LED display are easier to read and use – along with a sleek, stylish design. This model features 4.5 cubic feet of capacity which is unique for the top-load washer, allowing users to do more laundry in fewer loads. Also, this motor is backed by a 10-year warranty - providing users much peace of mind.

Next up isLG’s TurboWash Front-Load Washer. This washer features LG’s innovative TurboWash™ technology that allows users to save 20 minutes per load, even with larger loads of laundry, while still offering outstanding cleaning performance. This model also offers an “Allergiene” cycle where the power of steam removes over 95% of common household allergens along with those dreaded wrinkles, dirt, and odors. The washer also has ultra-large capacity so users can wash more clothes - including larger and bulker items in fewer loads - so you save money and use less energy.

LG also offered some great tips from Home Economist, Laura Johnson to help you care for your clothing: 

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Steam Solution: Once you pre-treat a stain, steam is a great way to ?nish the job because steam particles are smaller, hotter and more active for powerful cleaning, but they are also gentle on clothes.

Grease and Oil: Soak in warm water with detergent. Gently rub fabric against itself to dislodge the stain. If stains are old, scrape off crusted material and soak in warm water with detergent. Launder in the hottest water safe for that fabric.

Colorful Liquids and Sauces: For fresh stains wash cool water with your favorite detergent. For older stains, use detergent with bleach or bleach alternative. Don't use hot water to soak or wash items with protein stains such as blood, dairy products, baby food or even mud as it sets these types of stains.

Waxy Substances: Remove the waxy portion ?rst, then the dye portion. First, scrape the wax off and treat with a dry-cleaning solution, then rub with detergent and scrub the stain under hot water. For most other combination stains, rub detergent into stain, then wash in the hottest water possible for fabric with a detergent that has bleach or bleach alternative.

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