Laundry Local: Affordable Dry Cleaning at your Doorstep


When I moved to the city from the suburbs I had to give up a lot of things. One of them being my washer and dryer. Since living here, I've learned that having a washer and dryer in your own apartment is a luxury. We don't have that luxury just yet, so I have been stuck washing our clothes downstairs in the basement with the rest of my apartment building. After lugging our laundry up and down the stairs for over a year now, I come to really loathe doing it. So much so that I've given the task to the professionals.

Landry Local is a brand new service that provides a quick and easy laundry and dry cleaning solution in NYC and Los Angeles (more cities coming soon) for those with very little time or too tired to do their own laundry.

The process to have my laundry picked up from my door was easy. I logged onto the Laundry Local site, picked a dry cleaner that was close to my apartment and placed the order. I promptly received a confirmation email with the details of my order.

I was very impressed with the Laundry Local site. Although there were only two pre-screened laundry locations close to my apartment, the site allowed me to customize my order. I was allowed to write in special instructions for my husbands dress shirts that needed light starch.

The next morning my laundry was picked up {within the allotted two hour window} and dropped off later that afternoon. My laundry returned cleaned and neatly folded ready to be put away.

Clean Laundry

Laundry Local was quick, easy and very affordable. The process was only a couple dollars more than if I had done the laundry in my apartment building. The ease and stress free process was completely worth the extra few bucks. My clothes came back nice and neat and smelling fresh and clean.

To learn more about Laundry Local visit their website

Lauren Jimeson is a New York City writer and mom to a little girl. You can also find her at

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive complimentary laundry service for review.

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