Launch of Lil' Stylers: The First-Ever Social Shopping App for Kids’ Fashion

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I often joke that my kids dress better than I do and in a lot of ways that is true. With the boom of kids' fashions it is apparent that this market is big business that is catering to the fashion sensibilities of the modern parent who want to dress their kids in the latest brands as well as want to know how to score the cutest threads. Enter the help from Lil' Stylers, a fashionable new app where parents can discover children's brands and trends.

How it work is simple - you upload pictures of your kids via the app and then add tags of what brands they are wearing to their pictures. It can then be shared with your community, which is made up of friends and brands from around the world.

Available for free download on iTunes, LilStylers is a way that can help parents change the way they shop by connecting them to other parents from around the world and brands that they love. While testing this out, I loved connecting with friends and showcasing what my girls wore while also seeing outfits from my friends and brands and retailers where I could directly do to a brands' website to make a purchase.

As a new form of social-media, "Lil’Stylers is set out to fill the void in the social media space for parents who want to share their children’s fashion finds or discover new brands, while offering the built-in capability for click-through shopping and an avenue for bloggers to attract followers,” Says Kirti Baliga, Co- Founder of Lil'Stylers. Kirti added, “Lil’Stylers has created a gateway for consumers, brands, bloggers, and other fashion influencers to seamlessly connect through one integrated experience that is as simple as Tag, Click, Shop.”

For parents this also means a safe and privacy-controlled format that will help you save time from online searches by checking out the recommendations from your friends, brand-sponsored preview, blogger content and much more!

A great way to connect with kids' fashion brands and share your favorite looks, the new Lil' Stylers app is a fantastic way to stay connected to your fashionable friends and streamline how you purchase and learn more about today's modern kids' brands.

Check out this fun video to learn more about the app:

Lil' Stylers 1080p from Lil'Stylers on Vimeo.

To install the FREE app click here:

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