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There seems to always be new tech items. As busy moms we are always looking for those tech items that make our lives easier! From the latest in speakers and apps and more, here are some of our favorite tech items that are bound to make your life a little less hectic.

Stelle Audio Go-Go Speaker

Stelle Audio Go-Go Speaker ($129): The Go-Go Speaker boasts sleek curves, a chic white and gold finish, and a lightweight frame. Its eye-catching aesthetic is rivaled only by its ultra-portability and functionality that gives people on-the-go the freedom to listen to their music in virtually any setting. It also features sleek curves, a chic white and gold finish, and a lightweight frame and includes a simple-to-use carrying strap and bike/stroller handlebar attachment. Another cool feature is that it delivers full frequency range for all types of music and contains a digital amplifier for optimal sound and has voice prompts to notify you when you’ve successfully connected the Bluetooth speaker to your mobile device for easy pairing.


Pronto($49.99): Say goodbye to your kids losing- or hiding the remotes and hello to one universal remote controlled by your iPhone. Pronto, the latest device in connected home entertainment, together with the Peel Smart Remote app, turns your iPhone into a personalized universal remote control, completely changing the way viewers consume entertainment. Pronto allows you to control your entertainment devices, TVs, set-top boxes, DVDs and Blu-ray players, all from the iPhone already in your hand. Say goodbye to switching between standard remotes.

Switch ($49.99): Make your home truly connected while providing convenience, comfort and security through the new iDevices Switch. The Switch allows you to control, monitor and schedule appliances and electronics around the house from your iPhone with this HomeKit-enabled connected plug. It also creates a truly connected home, while providing convenience, comfort and security. It works by giving users the freedom to manage their home from anywhere through a custom iDevices IoT cloud. It also connects with up to six common home appliances at a time and uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as well as provides a user-friendly setup with a compact design to fit seamlessly into any room and features a colored nightlight that can be customized to match any room in the house.

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