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Kids Legwear Roundup

One of my favorite things about having a baby girl is the legwear...I'm a huge fan of leggings and tights for myself and they're even cuter on little ladies than on us grow-up girls. Am I right? Plus, they serve a practical purpose. Even in Florida, we have our cold snaps and I want my lil' lady bean to stay nice and warm.Tights, leggings and legwarmers are all a big part of my daughter's winter wardrobe and have been since she was born. I even layered legwarmers under her pants when we vacationed up in the mountains...I must say, they kept her nice and toasty! And I just love how you could catch a peek of the pretty patterns when she walked!


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I have to admit that as much I appreciate modern non-traditional looks, I tend to gravitate toward ruffles and pink more often than not. What can I say? I just love dressing up my sweet baby in girly doodads. Luckily, there is no shortage of girly legwear options. Whether you're looking for ruflfes like me or you want to try out a preppy argyle style, I've got you covered with today's legwear roundup! It is chock full of cute kids leggings, kids tights and kids legwarmers.They would all look just darling peeking out of your daughter's winter looks. Legewear looks especially adorable with boots! We have a pair of the cutest fur trimmed baby boots and they've been rocked with her legwear on the regular since the weather cooled down! And now that I've seen these cute options, I think here legwear collection is about to get some new additions!

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