JJ Winters Bags Ideal for Trendy Moms

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How many times have you dropped your cell phone at the park, in the house, or at the market? If you are like me the answer is far too many. Today I got a tour of The Shop PR showroom in the Fashion District. When I saw this nifty "Blackberry Bag" from JJ Winters, I knew I'd found a winner. Practical for any mom that needs to have her mom tools handy.
Hip styling, a good price (varies by style)--this bag should be on everyone's wish list. I found the brown suede bag with fringe on Pink Mascara for $113--there are three other styles (it comes in black too). I love this as a gift for a mom pal that is chic yet practical. It's big enough to hold the essentials--cash, keys and cell. Toss the rest of the kiddie gear in the stroller so you've got your hands free and look great.

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