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Diapers, tiny socks, wee clothes, toys, all these things need a spot in the nursery. I've got a few tips to help finalize these small details.

First, call me obsessive compulsive, but I like a label maker. My favorite brand is the P-Touch ($34.95)--it provides a choice of fonts and sizes and the print is very legible. For a cheaper model, check out the Dymo Label Buddy--it's not as sharp but it'll do the trick ($7.99). These handy little devices help sitters, spouses, Grandma and all the other "deckhands" know just where to put things back in the nursery--saving you the time and effort from having to reorganize every evening. For instance, on a multi-bin toy storage unit, I've labeled "instruments", "art supplies", "CD's", etc. On the inside of the dresser, I've labeled: onsies, pants, pjs, etc. You get the idea...

Next in the closet, I find the hanging size organizers to be a terrific help. The set of six from Sugar Booger is all you need. Each tab provides a specific space for newborn, 3-6 mos, etc. That way you won't waste time flipping through the closet and you won't miss out in dressing your darling in any of the appropriate-sized baby gifts from your shower. $9.56

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Finally for all those little socks, hats and other odds and ends, I love the Tatutina Mini Bin set of three. These bins will grow with your child and can be moved from bedroom to bathroom as the need arises. For girls I like the flower motif ($24), for boys the animals (see top pic) work nicely. An adorable accent for the top of the changing table or bookcase.

If you've got the time to sweat the details, these little touches can make the nursery warmer and more user friendly for the entire family. A little organizational effort on the front end will go a long way when you are sleep deprived and exhausted-- plus, your cheery nursery will make you smile.

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