How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

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Are you hosting a Halloween bash at your house for you and your kids? Or maybe you are hosting an adult-only Halloween party? Either way Halloween is a great time of a year for a party and we uncovered some of our favorite drink, food and invitation options to make your celebration a spooky success.

Invitations: To get the word out about your party you are going to need to invite your friends and family members. To do so we love using Soulful Moon, a socially conscious stationery business. Their style: ethno-chic invitations and greeting cards. This month they introduced their "theme" collection which includes costume party custom invitations, among others, making a great invite to your next Halloween party! Available with blue or purple background pricing ranges 10 cards-$24.99 up to 150 cards- $202. Once the order is processed they are shipped in 5 business days- giving you a personalized invitation for your end of month party.
Most importantly, Soulful Moon give backs. And as the company grows, so does their charitable giving. Some of the efforts they have supported since Soulful Moon launched include Feeding America, Project Night Night, Project FEED, “Schools On Wheels” benefitting homeless children, ARC's Japan Earthquake Relief, Girl Effect Project, among others.

We also love using Shutterfly for their Halloween Cards & Invites where you can send spooky season greetings and invites that are personalized with your favorite photos.

Linens:For the decorating part, we love the collection of linens from Hen House Linens where you mix dark fall patterns in with some colorful accents and center piece for a tabletop that will really pop! Some of our favorites are their Cocktail Napkins and Tablecloths that can add so much color to a bland table.

Drinks: You can easily whip up cocktails at home with like the Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Margarita thanks to R-EVOLUTION kits. For example, party hosts can create crazy cosmos that appear to have floating eyeballs or mysterious margaritas that look like a steamy caldron. These DIY kits come with all the tools, natural additives, and step-by-step recipes to create any infusion.

Another fun idea for a cocktail came from Maria Zoitas, catering director at Westside Market NYC and creator of "Maria’s Homemade", a line of prepared food sold exclusively at Westside Market NYC, who suggested that we make Creepy Cocktails. She suggested that hosts can create scary, create a signature drink for your Halloween party and give it a creepy name. Cocktails such as a Bloody Mary or red sangria provide a traditional cocktail offering to suit your guests’ taste buds, but are in tune with the Halloween theme due to their blood-red coloring. Serve the sangria out of a Witch’s cauldron and the Bloody Marys in individual “mad scientist” beakers.

We also love the unique flavor from Birthday Cake Vineyards Cheesecake Wine with a sprinkle of pumpkin flavoring an extra holiday kick. Recommended to be served chilled – try hollowing out a large pumpkin and filling it with ice for a creative take on the original ice bucket!.

Food Options: As for food options, we love the Stackable Appetizer Maker that makes it quick and easy to create multi-layered, perfectly proportioned morsels in just 5 minutes! Chefs of all ages can kick off the Halloween fun with the perfect bite-size snacks. Imagine being able to use ordinary ingredients, straight from the cupboard, to make delicious recipes like the Graveyard Stacks featuring brownies, pumpkin pie filling, whipped cream and cream cheese, garnished with bone sprinkles or Caramel Apple Mummies including cinnamon bread, apple pie filling, nuts and caramel ice cream topping, decorated with caramel sheets, googlie eyes and apple slices. At $19,99, it’s easy for entertainers to assemble an unlimited number of recipes for guests this Halloween.

Another delicious option to serve is Divine Saucy Pumpkin cupcakes from Prohibition Bakery (9 Clinton Street, New York, NY). Made with pumpkin ale (or Oktoberfest) and filled with a chocolate sage ganache using Divine’s Bittersweet and Milk Chocolate baking bars, this saucy cupcake is topped with a toasted pumpkin seed frosting and garnished with fried sage ribbons. It’s one of our favorites and we think you’ll like it, too.

We also love the Halloween offerings at Jacques Torres Chocolate where you will find chocolates that are hand-crafted with premium ingredients, most of which are made from scratch – from the marzipan and the marshmallows, to the peanut butter and the cookie dough. Each confection is a celebration of chocolate in its purest sense and never contains preservatives, additives, extracts, oils or essences.

Another fun chocolate brand to serve is See’s Candies with their collection of seasonal treats that are sure to get you in the season. The product line-up includes: Pumpkin Pie Truffles, Orange and Chocolate Wafers, Sour Bats, Orange Twists, Chocolate Marshmallow Jack-O-Lanterns, Pumpkin Spice Lollypops and even a tasty Trick-or-Treat Box.

To take a break from chocolate, we love the GH Cretors Chicago Mix. Combining cheese corn and caramel corn in the same bag, this popcorn combo offers delicious hits of sweet, salty, crunchy and cheesy in every bite. The caramel corn is made the old fashioned way: by hand, in copper kettles. Cane sugar, brown rice syrup (a non-GMO alternative to corn syrup with a lower glycemic impact) and real butter is heated over a flame and then stirred slowly by hand to develop its rich complex flavor and crunch. For the cheese corn, real cheddar cheese is melted in special kettles and then gently mixed with locally-grown, air-popped corn. The result is a perfect combination of tastes, two-cheese to one-caramel in every bag. And, this treat is all natural and completely free of GMO’s, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives!.

To serve up the tasty treats, we recommend Zak Designs and their cool orange Halloween Dinnerware Set that features 4 Bamboo Plates and 4 Mugsis that are also made of 75% biodegradable materials and bamboo fora sleek look that is also eco-friendly. Great for kids and adults, these vibrant plates and mugs are great to use year-round as they add some festive looks to your party.

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