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How to Know When a Child Is Mature Enough for a Mobile Phone

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It seems like kids are getting their own cell phones at younger ages these days. While having this as a resource for emergencies is great, it doesn't always mean that they exactly know how to use it properly. To help us, we are sharing some tips for monitoring cellphone use among children from Stephen Stokols, the CEO and Founder of America’s fastest growing telecom company FreedomPop.

5 Signs Your Child is Mature Enough for a Cellphone

1. You can view you child’s social media profiles. This means they have nothing to hide from you, so they don’t block you from checking on their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

2. Your child is responsible and rarely loses their belongings. A child who appreciates and recognizes the value of their belongings is mature enough to be given a phone.

3. If your child is mature enough to discuss cellphones, usage and responsibility in a calm and mature manner, they are more than likely ready to start using one.

4. Your child understands the time and usage limits you place on different realms such as television and video games.

5. Your child is aware of the dangers that technology and the Internet can pose, especially for younger users.

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Tips To Monitor Cellphone Use

1. Get a free plan that limits use to 200 voice minutes and 200 texts limit, such as the FreedomPop freemium plan that comes with a FreedomPop smartphone, priced starting as low as $99.

2.Parents should establish rules regarding when and where cellphone usage is permitted. Classrooms, church and the dining table should be off-limits.

3. Families should converse with each other without having to constantly check their phones. Parents can set an example for children to follow.

Once your child is ready to own their very first cellular device, shopping for the perfect plan can be confusing and stressful. FreedomPop offers parents a convenient and hassle-free option with their freemium plans. All of FreedomPop’s phones come allotted with 200 voice minutes, 200 text messages, and 500MB of data each month. If parents and children decide that more data or texts needed to be added to the plan, the unlimited plan costs $10 a month. Amongst all the unlimited plans offered in the market, FreedomPop’s competitive pricing makes it the perfect choice for families.

For more information regarding FreedomPop, please visit

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