How to Decorate a Home Office

How to Decorate a Home Office

Did you know that the cubicle was born in the 1960s? In 1968, Herman Miller released a project called the Action Office. The design was meant to counter the open-office culture and provide workers with privacy and autonomy.

Given that we spend approximately a quarter of our lives in cubicles or offices for the 1%, shouldn’t it feel like home? Check out some of these ideas from Shutterfly on how to decorate your home office.

Great Walls:

  • Hang up large prints of your favorite inspirational pictures.
  • Use double-sided tape or Velcro strips to hang decorative panels.
  • Create a personalized calendar with pictures from your favorite trip.

From the Ground Up:

  • Decorate a thin piece of wood from a painted pattern or even a favorite image and use that as a chair mat.
  • Add a small area rug in patterns or colors that appeal to you.
  • Create a personalized calendar with pictures from your favorite trip.

Shed Some Light:

  • Put up a string of fairy lights on a cord.
  • Add a petite table lamp with a low wattage bulb. The soft glow will make the overhead lighting less harsh.

Desktop Décor:

  • Add small photos of family members and pets. Go beyond the wedding photo and choose tasteful conversation starters.
  • Bring your own coffee mug or water bottle with a quirky print or favorite photo.


  • Keep a dish stacked with wrapped candies.
  • Add a soft, stylish pillow to spice things up and help your lower back.
  • A throw blanket can help you cope with the cold winter days; make one with some of your favorite photos.
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