How to Buy the Best Bra for You


As I mentioned last month, we’ve teamed up with Vanity Fair Lingerie for their “Women Who Do” blogger program. One thing I know all us Women Who Do need is a supportive bra. When you’re wearing a bra that really fits you, you’re more comfortable, you look better in your clothes and you feel more confident which makes you all the more ready to tackle your day.

I had the pleasure of connecting with the experts over at Vanity Fair to find out how exactly we should be going about selecting the bra that will work best for us. I have to say, I learned about some tips that will definitely change the way I shop for bras in the future!

For instance, in the past, I always chose bras that fit me best when on the last hook. In reality, we should be looking for bras that fit us best on the middle hook! Also, say goodbye to those straps that dig into your shoulders! You should be able to slide two fingers underneath your straps, otherwise they’re too tight. Who knew?

And really, the “top test” is the best test of all. When you put your top on over your bra, do you look great? Do you have a smooth, seamless, and most importantly, lifted appearance? If so, you’ve found the supportive bra you’ve been looking for!


And since we all know how important it is to feel great in our clothes, I urge you to check out the Vanity Fair Lingerie National LiftTOUR. They will be in Los Angeles from August 11-28th. In case you missed my last post, for The LiftTOUR, Vanity Fair has partnered with Dress for Success to hold a series of bra fitting events across the country where women can be professionally fitted and, as a result of their fitting, a new bra will be donated to Dress for Success which helps disadvantaged women get back on their feet.

So, now that you’ve been armed with all the tips and tricks you need to find the best bra for you, are you ready to update your bra wardrobe? This girl sure is!

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