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Does holiday shopping have you stressed out?, the pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping, shared some insight and tips into holiday shopping trends through their new surveys about holiday procrastination and how people are using social media to shop.

According to their survey, Americans will be procrastinating even more this holiday season. That’s because the hardest person to shop for is… your significant other – with men (30%), having slightly more problems than women (23%), buying the perfect gift for that special person in their life.

The survey also found that one-third of Americans “re-gift” during the holiday season. Thirty-nine percent say they will give a gift they received to someone else! Among the top items that will be a recycled gift are:

  •  Home décor
  •  Gift card
  •  Wine or champagne
  • A book
  • Perfume or cologne

On the topic of shopping for gifts, the majority (84%) of Americans say that holiday shopping online is better than holiday shopping in physical stores. Adults ranked the following reasons as the top choices to why online shopping is best:

  • Avoids crowds – 60%
  • Don’t have to leave the house – 51%
  • More convenient – 49%
  • Don’t have to drive – 46%
  • Free shipping offers – 42%
  • It’s immediate – 23%’s resident shopping expert, Allison Jones, also shared some holiday tips that she has found works best for the millions of shoppers who use Ebates who are having trouble this year finding the perfect gift for their significant other.

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  • Rethink the Simple Things - Ebates discovered that items like candles are popular as last minute gifts. Candles can be purchased from your local drugstore, or a noted luxury house. The Ebates holiday survey found that candles can also make great “back-up” gifts for unexpected guests, with half of Americans admitting that they have back-up gifts at hand.
  • Be Strategic with Gift Cards - Gift cards are a great way to give your loved one a shopping spree at their favorite store, but be sure to set limits. There's no arguing the practicality of gift cards, but make sure you supplement them with items your loved one can unwrap and delight in.
  • Listen and Take Notes - The best gifts are sometimes the ones that we never ask for, but really need. Think about the habits and interests of your significant other, and gift accordingly.
  • Search through Facebook - Finding out what someone wants, may be as easy as searching for who they "like" on Facebook. According to’s holiday survey, the number one celebrity who influences teen’s gift lists is Taylor Swift (13%). Search your loved ones’ Facebook account to see who influences them.
  • Look at their Pinterest boards – The Ebates survey revealed that 26% of teens are planning to complete their wish lists online. Pinterest allows users to create different boards, and draw inspiration from the web. Try not to zone in on any particular item, but rather look for patterns, like a store that has been pinned, or a color that is consistent throughout their boards.
  • Stay within your budget - More money doesn't always mean better. When it comes to your partner it's always the thought that counts. The Ebates Holiday Gift Survey found that most adults plan to spend between $150 and $500 on holiday gifts this year. Find the right budget that's best for you and your significant other.

Another interesting survey of 500 American teens from showed that social media is replacing a hand-written letters to Santa this year, with 26% saying they are completing their wish lists online. Facebook leads the pack at 10%, followed by Twitter (3%) and Tumblr (2%). However, 7% of teens admitted that they still write a traditional letter to Santa.

The survey also indicated that almost 4 in 10 (38%) say celebrities do indeed have influence on their holiday wish list. For the second consecutive year, Taylor Swift was named the star that influences their wish list the most (at 13%). Swift beat out One Direction (11%), Katy Perry (9%), Selena Gomez (7%), Demi Lovato (6%), Jennifer Lawrence (5%), and Justin Bieber (5%).

Allison Jones also shared some more tips on how to use social media for stress-free shopping:

    • Facebook - Finding out what your child likes, may be as easy as searching for who they "like" on Facebook. Similar to adults, teens follow their favorite brands for style tips, trends, and yes, even savings. The best part? Following these stores keeps you up to date on the latest deals, meaning that gift could become a whole lot cheaper.
    • Pinterest - The virtual equivalent of an inspiration board, Pinterest is a visually appealing and addicting site that allows users to create different boards, and draw inspiration from the web. Try not to zone in on any particular item, but rather look for patterns, like a store that your child has pinned, or a color that is popular. If your daughter's boards are filled with teal, perhaps a teal colored scarf would make a nice gift.
    • Cash Back sites - Already following your child's shopping gift lists? Here’s one more tip that needs mentioning, only this one isn't about your teen. It's about you and your January credit card statement. Before you pull the trigger on that "Can't live without it" gift, go through

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