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Holiday Books You Crave

Book buying and receiving is huge this time of year and we encourage a whole lot of reading any chance you get, but we understand when there is limited time to do so. We've come up with a list of books for you and the entire family we are sure will go down smoothly like a nice glass of eggnog.

For your littlest one:

This book is perfect in so many ways-- It is written in rhyme and is a delightful poem that teaches your child anything can be art if you keep an open mind. When your paper is torn, don't grab a fresh sheet-- take a look; it might be an alligator smiling at you. If you drop some dots of paint across your canvas, they can easily turn into three little pigs. The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination and the interactive pages will surely get your child's mind soaring.

For your middle child:

This story about a magical fairy and 12 tiny babies who find their way into a childless couple's heart touches on the hardships of love and loss all while flawlessly guiding you through a fascinating tale woven with enchantment and wonder. The illustrations are guaranteed to move you---we are sure this one will stay in your library for years to come.

For the teen in your life:
We mentioned The Hunger Games previously in a book review, but we have got to make sure the message has been received: Your child will adore these books. Joining the ranks of teen heartthrobs like Harry Potter and Twilight (we're not knocking them, but we're kind of over the magic/vampire stuff), THG Trilogy is an in-your-face-science-fiction-thriller that has action, mystery, romance, and a powerful (female) protagonist we can't get enough of.

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For your partner in crime:
We're not trying to encourage any such behavior of Mr. Richards, but believe us when we say this time-capsule of madness and genius will rock your socks off. It is fun, candid, and incredibly addictive. Even if the receiver of this memoir isn't a Stones fan, they will appreciate the candor and humor delivered throughout the book.

For you:

No doubt about it, this story is a heart-wrenching novel about a boy and his family recovering from the loss of his father in the September 11th attacks. It will find you laughing out loud, grabbing a tissue, and scratching your skull at it's intense mysterious twists. Safran Foer is a superb writer and swiftly but curiously drives the story to a fabulous finish. You'll love this one for the winter break while you're snuggling in a comfy chair with a warm glass of ho-cho.

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