Healthy Recipes with KAMUT


I consider myself to be a fairly healthy person so it is always exciting to learn all about the latest food trends. One that my whole family loves (hooray!) is KAMUT® Khorasan wheat. This heirloom wheat is highly versatile and has a natural sweetness that makes it ideal for breads, muffins, cookies and more!

I also love that it has a higher percentage of lipids - as opposed to other carbohydrates - that makes it as ”high energy wheat.” It is always organically grown and also contains higher amounts of protein and minerals than modern wheat. Combine its nutritional advantage with its natural rich flavor and ease of digestibility, and KAMUT® products become must-haves in your pantry! My girls also love the KAMUT oatmeal that we eat all the time and the flour is great for baking. Here are more of our favorite recipes for 2014.

KAMUT® Khorasan wheat
KAMUT® Khorasan wheat
KAMUT® Khorasan wheat
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