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Handwriting Linked with Children's Cognitive Development

Art of Handwriting

The subject of the “dying art of handwriting” is becoming increasingly popular as we dive deeper into a digital age of communication. Several articles have discussed the decline of the written word and ACME Studio wants to educate people about the importance of writing – especially for parents and children!

One trend that we are sticking with is writing. It is beneficial to the visual, motor, and memory circuits and it allows children to practice their hand-eye coordination and practice of fine motor skills. Studies show that handwriting engages different circuits of the brain than typing simply doesn't. And those strokes and pressures of the pen actually send messages to the brain, training it in vision and sensation.

Good handwriting can also lead to better grades. Studies show that pre-kindergarten kids with fine motor skills scored much higher years later in reading and math than those with poor handwriting. In short, there's a direct link between writing skills and academic success.

To share some fun products for kids, we teamed up with ACME Studio to showcase their selection of writing tools to help build a child’s excitement about putting the pen to the paper. Check out some of these fun suggestions for back-to-school.

back to school

Crayon (looks like it’s for art class, but it’s really a pen!)

back to school

The Number 2 Pen and Pencil Set (an upgrade from your standard #2 pencil for sure!)

back to school

Hatch (a self-sanitizing pen, great for parents and teachers too!)

Parents should really understand the benefits of handwriting, and what we might lose if it is replaced with technology. ACME wants people to be educated about this issue and get them excited about writing again.

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