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Gloves, hats, jackets and scarves — the fall brings a lot of new clothes to be worn and organized, as well as activities like back to work and the end of school holidays. But with a few creative ideas your hallway doesn’t have to be an obstacle course. We enlisted IKEA to help us re-think our hallway organization so there’s not any piles of clothes and shoes by the front door to go with the piles of fallen leaves outside.

By using racks and rails from the bathroom and kitchen, and stools, hangers and shoeboxes that put your walls to work, organization can be as custom and creative as you want. So when the weather outside starts to get a little gray and grim, what better than to spend some time indoors to get things organized?

Check out some of their favorite products to get you organized this fall.

Looking for storage for hats, jackets or your purse? A towel rack from the bathroom and a rail from the kitchen make for a creative hanging space. Product suggestion: GRUNDTAL Towel Holder (4 bars), which swivels to the left and right.

Need a place for your eyeglasses, a signed field trip slip or a report card? A curtain wire makes a perfect spot for hanging cards and other ‘don’t forget’ items. Product suggestion: DIGNITET Curtain Wire, which can be easily cut to the desired length, and comes with hardware, ready to mount.

Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a coat rack? A rail, some ribbons and a few hangers can create a layered clothes rack – under $10! Product suggestions: BYGEL rail + BAGIS clothes-hangers.

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