Grindz: Cool Protective Gear for Kids


I love the determination my daughter has for her new bike. But all of the will and determination that she has doesn't trop the safety concerns that I have - especially when faced with the often bumpy city sidewalks. What has been giving me a piece of mind is that she has been wearing Grindz, a line of protective gear for kids of all ages developed by BMX Legend Kevin Robinson. Through this line Kevin and his team created a line of padded gear whose pads are actually built in so parents don’t have to worry about kids losing their pads.


How the line works is that it is designed to protect high-impact zones of the body, such as hip bones, tail bones, and knee caps, without restricting the body and making it feel stiff or uncomfortable.

During a recent press meeting I had the chance to meet with Kevin and his son who spoke all about the concept. I really loved how the Grindz essentially looked like jeans. Many padded clothing companies focus on bulky materials and added pads, but Grindz are basically denim jeans and khakis with built-in technology called Pro-Foam that protects the knees, hips, and tail bone areas. Made of a tough Cotton/Poly blend, Grindz are also great to simply wear as an every-day jean - offering kids a modern look while also offering protection.

Whether your kids' are on the playground or a bike, Grindz is a great option to keep them protected as they enjoy their active lifestyle.

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