Green Guide for Ecomoms and Ecodads

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National Geographic has come out with a new quarterly magazine called Green Guide. Green Guide founder Wendy Gordon hopes to "inspire moms and families to practice green consumerism" with her new venture. Her partner is Alix Clyburn. Check out Alix's blog (Mommy Greenest) to see a family's adventures in going green. $6.95 per issue

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I got my first issue (Spring 2008) and found heaps of ideas from "Fair Trade Footballs" to a face-off between wrapping sandwiches in plastic or wax paper (the result: plastic is best if your can reuse and recycle). The online Buying Guide is an incredible resource for parents who want to make low-impact purchases (click here for a primer on plastic containers).

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One of my best tips is to always stash a reusable shopping bag in my stroller--this way I can avoid picking up another landfill clogging plastic sack. My pick is the Eden Reusable Shopper Tote Bag from Reisenthel. This stylish bag squishes into nothing and will hold up to 22 lbs of stuff (from designer jeans to organic baby food). When not in use, the bags folds into a a small carrying pouch than can be looped on the stroller. $9.95

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