Great Ideas for Strollers & Storage

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Six months ago a friend forwarded me information about a new stroller storage idea. Seeing as space is always a premium in my world, I followed up quickly on this lead.

Mary Ann Malone (urban mommy to two boys and new inventor) was inundated with baby gear (sound familiar) and unlike her suburban counterparts, couldn't take over the garage or basement with all of her kiddie wares. For a while, she stored her stroller out in the hallway of her building. That is until she learned she was breaking a few fire code regulations. She needed a solution, so she invented the StrollAway. The StrollAway is a stroller hook that fits on most residential and commercial doors and will adjust to fit most stroller models.

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I loved the fact that no screws, drills, nails, or other tools were required to install this clever little design. I simply took the StrollAway out of the package and placed it on my closet door and voila! I recovered 1/2 of my front closet back. Available on $39.99

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And I couldn't complete this post without a mention of a swank new stroller on the market--the Dazzle by Silver Cross. The British company is bringing bright colors (cosmic black, tangerine, neon pink and cornflower blue) and sleek design across the pond. It's light (just 15 lbs) and will fold up with one hand. Check it out at $299.99 Won't this look stunning on your rack and on the road!

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