Good Friends Deserve Good Gifts

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Great Gift #17

Girlfriends often get us through the toughest times of motherhood. Please don't take this as me disparaging the entire male race--I love men, but when my newborn daughter went two days without a proper nap and I thought I was losing my grip on reality, it was a girlfriend that saved the day.

That's why I'm sending out a few choice gifts to my mom-friends from Dogeared Jewelry for the holiday. My first go-to gift from their huge selection is the Meaning of Mom Necklace. Perfectly stylish for the modern mom's wardrobe, this sterling silver necklace has a "mom" charm, mini stone heart and a white pearl dangling from a delicate chain. To me, the piece symbolizes one of the many roles my friends and I've adopted over the past years. While we are moms and undoubtedly have fewer elegant occasions for donning diamonds and pearls, we are also women who have style and taste. $60

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I hope my other selection of a Love Word Bracelet will be equally treasured by the friend who receives it. This bracelet is made of crimson red Irish linen with a sterling LOVE plaque and a red jade gem attached. The message I hope to send with this gift--thanks for the love you've given me and "right back at you." $34

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