Gillette Venus Encourages Women to "Use Your And"

Gillette Venus Encourages Women to "Use Your And"

This New Year, Gillette Venus wants to help inspire a resolution: In a world of labels, #UseYourAnd to unleash all the extraordinary qualities that live within you!

Venus recently launching their “Use Your And” campaign to support women and girls to stand-up against the lost opportunities generated by one-dimensional labels and inspire them to recognize and express their full potential.

All women have “ANDs” and multiple talents, but they often are limited by one-dimensional labels. A new Global Labels Survey by Gillette Venus reveals that most women around the world (70%) have felt labeled starting as young as 10 years old and nearly half say those labels have had a negative effect on their lives (43%) vs. a positive one (26%).

This often includes that women can be seen as both smart AND pretty or strong AND sensitive. These “ANDs” or dimensions of a woman are what make her extraordinary. At Gillette Venus, we believe that all women have the right to achieve their full potential by embracing their "ANDs” and not be limited by any "Ors.”

SHE Summit 2013

To do so, today Venus is announcing a partnership with Claudia Chan, Founder of S.H.E. Summit Global Conference & Women’s Empowerment Expert to educate women in identifying their stereotypical labels and help support them to use their ANDs. Claudia's expertise lies in making empowerment and mentorship available to all women with the belief that if women lead their optimal lives and realize their potential, they will change the world. Women can access exclusive tips, tools and advice from Claudia on

Additionally, the released an incredible “AND Stand” video (see below) that are completely re-mastered lyrics and a recording of Venus’ iconic ‘She’s Got It’ song to reflect the multi-dimensionality of women today. To see what inspired all of the “ANDs” within our new campaign, take a look at “The Story Behind Use Your &.”

Check out the fun video features real women telling their personal stories to inspire women to not be limited by stereotypical labels.

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