6 Gifts You Should Get Yourself For Mother's Day


Breakfast in bed. Fresh flowers. A small box with something sparkly inside. Sure there are lot of things you might hope for this Mother's Day, but we say, there are some things that shouldn't be left to chance. Here are six Mother's Day gifts you should just go ahead and buy yourself. You're guaranteed to get what you want and your husband is off the hook. Win-win.

best kitchen appliances

That kitchen appliance you've been drooling over: You know the one. You've been eyeing it for months. Trying to rationalize the purchase. Dreaming of the amazing meals you'll make with it. Now's the time to nab it. Whether it's a counter-worthy standing mixer, a high-powered blender, or a DIY-green-juice juicer, pick up My picks? This mixer (those colors! that power!), this blender (make soup, grind coffee, chop salsa, mix margaritas and more) and this juicer (hint: the slower speed keeps the juicer from heating up and more of the nutrients in tack.) Here's to more delicious new recipes and more homemade food!

family photo session

Family photo session so you can, you know, actually be in a photo. Moms are notorious for being behind the lens which leaves you with amazing photos of your kids - and you, notably absent from them. This Mother's Day get gussied up and join your brood in front of the lens for a family photo session. You'll be rewarded by seeing someone else try to get your kids smile and with dozens to frame-worthy poses to remember the occasion.

Mother's Day

That beauty gadget your husband would be in trouble if he bought for you. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't take kindly to my husband getting me a laser hair removal gadget for Mother's Day. Which makes beauty tools like this the perfect gift to buy yourself. Speaking of laser hair removal, I have and love the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X which works wonders. Other popular picks I know you've been eying at the beauty shops - Clarisonic Cleaning Brush, Tria's new Age Defying Laser (see Nicole's review here) and GLO Beauty Teeth Whitening Device.

Mother's Day Gifts You Should Get For Yourself - Time Alone

A day or night away. Maybe it sounds cliché. Or maybe it sounds strange to some to celebrate being a mother by being away from the people you are a mother to, but I'm guessing a good chunk of you see your kids plenty and a true gift would be a day or night away where you get to do what you want, when you want. Drink your coffee while it's still actually hot? Go ahead. Binge watch rom-coms while in the tub with a glass of wine? Cheers to you. Whether it's just a lazy morning alone, a whole day to plan out your perfect itinerary, or even a night away, celebrate your mothering by taking some time off from it. (Really ready to splurge? Sign up for a week at Rancho La Puerta or another all-inclusive wellness retreat. You will not regret it.)

Mother's Day Gifts You Should Get Yourself - Lifechanging Vacuum

If you clean your own house, a life-changing vacuum. Here's another one from the "Don't Buy This For Your Wife" file. Yes, we want that amazing vacuum, but no, we don't want to receive it from you on Mother's Day. Now buying it for ourselves? Well, that's totally acceptable. Try some of my favs - the new Dyson DC59 Animal that has a long rod and amazing swivel head for easily doing floors, a short attachment for the rest of life and enough power to make cleaning up messes quick and dare I say, almost enjoyable. If you have a house of hardwood floors or tile, this could be your one and only do-it-all vacuum. Another one I love is the Neato Robotic Vacuum. This little robot zooms back and forth across the room picking up dog hair under the bed and dust bunnies in the corner. It's not as efficient at vacuuming as you are, but if you're worried about that you're missing the point - it does the vacuuming while you're enjoying your latte.

Mother's Day Gift You Should Get For Yourself - Feed Your Passion

Feed a hobby, interest or passion. We women are givers - sometime to a fault. Take this Mother's Day as an opportunity to do something that feeds your spirit. Whether it's signing up for that art class downtown, Saturday morning yoga at your gym, a cooking class or learning how to stand-up paddle board or ride a dirt bike. Whatever that interest that has been lying dormant, waiting (and waiting) for the time and money and circumstances to all be right - bite the bullet and do that thing now. Remember this study? Mom's satisfaction with life was more important to a child's development than income, education and the hours spent in childcare. Go get your happy on.

Are you buying yourself something for Mother's Day this year?

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