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With May being National Bike Month we have been thinking about outdoor activities and getting ready for summer. From our favorite bikes to outdoor activities, here is what we can't wait to use this summer.

Staying Fit:

Mosi Bicycles

For summer fitness we love to ride our bikes and one of our favorite brands is Mosi Bicycles. This vintage European-style bicycles feature clean lines, classic colors and comfort all fused into four unique models that include high-tensile steel frames and rear roller-disk brakes, the rider has the ability to control performance as well as experience a consistently balanced ride. The specially crafted accessories that accompany these bicycles are of the Buck & Wing collection – the saddles and grips are made of genuine Australian leather which have been chosen for each ride with style and precision in mind. Mosi Bicycles is the most wanted look for spring and summer and will continue to be admired throughout the year.

Electra Bikes

Another favorite bike company is Electra Bikes. Featuring e-bikes to cruisers to fixies, Electra has every kind of bike in every color imaginable. They also have fantastic kids' bikes so the entire family can ride in style. Many of their bikes have flat foot technology, which prevents tumbling over since you can easily put your feet down. This makes Electra kids bikes perfect for teaching kids how to ride bikes. They also carry an enormous array of accessories like bike baskets in different designs and colors (and traditional wood), surf/yoga mat racks, old school bells, custom seats, streamers and more.


For children's bikes, we love FirstBIKE, a state-of-the-art balance bike created to make learning to ride a bike easy, safe and fun for children 22 months to 5 years old. This award-winning bike allows for hours of activity as its lightweight, durable and flexible design enables children to ride for several miles at a time and run up hills; all while developing their balance and gaining self-confidence. Considered one of the safest bikes in its category, FirstBIKE is available in five varieties giving this high quality bicycle the ability to be used in outdoor and indoor spaces. FirstBIKE eliminates the element of stress that is often associated with learning to ride a bike and allows children and their parents to enjoy a new activity together. We also love the VH X1 Solid Helmet from C-Preme that is an essential for summer safety. (

Adventure Paddleboarding range of Stand Up Paddle boards

For those with surfing fans, we love the new Adventure Paddleboarding range of Stand Up Paddle boards. This allows kids and adults - regardless of their age, gender, or experience level - to enjoy a paddleboards. The inflatable SUP also comes in 7’ now, so you have all the advantages of the inflatable in a children’s size.

Hello Kitty Skates

We also love the super cute Hello Kitty x Moxi Roller Skates from Sanrio and Moxi. Offering the ultimate pair of retro style skates that offer a great workout and looking stylish as you tone up those legs. Grab these Summer must-haves at for $199.

SwimWays® Spring Float

For kid we love the SwimWays® Spring Float® pool floats where you will find durable fabric-covered inflation with soft, soothing mesh beds for the ultimate relaxation experience. The patented inner spring provides added comfort and stability in the water and makes folding the float a snap — users just twist-and-fold the float into a compact disc when ready to go! Spring Floats inflate and deflate easily, too — no air pump required.

bling 2o googles

For the perfect mix of safety and fashion, we love bling 2o googles. Featuring modern and fun googles, we love the super cute styles such as Summer Love with hearts and fun car themed googles for boys. As our kids spend a lot of their time in the water, we love this trendy and chic option that your kids will love wearing.

Summer Learning:

Abercrombie & Kent

During the summer we still want our kids to keep up with their learning, and this year we are excited to supplement with Abercrombie & Kent's expert guides. This includes curriculum for kids between the ages of 10 and 12 such as Earth + Life Science: Family Alaska where kids can learn about Alaskan huskies & dog sledding with Martin Buser, a four-time Iditarod champion or Foreign Language + Art History: Family Italy  where kids can receive a lesson & compete in a tournament (complete with a mock combat) at a Roman Gladiator School, participate in a family pizza-making session and virtually visit a traditional mask-making workshop in Venice for a fun class in mask painting. For these and more lessons, be sure to check out Abercrombie & Kent.

Lakeshore Learning’s Are You Ready

Another favorite for summer learning is Lakeshore Learning’s Are You Ready (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) Games to help parents assess whether their kids are ready and prepare them for the next grade level. Kids play a super-exciting quiz game show, earning pretend cash for each question they answer correctly to win a prize of their choice. After playing the game, parents can go online, enter questions their child missed and get an instant online assessment that pinpoints areas where help is needed. Lakeshore even provides free printable activities and product recommendations to help build skills even further Lakeshore Learning’s Are You Ready? Games are available for grade levels ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade and retail for $29.99. To get $10 off any Are You Ready? Game Show®, entercode 9141 at checkout or click here for a store coupon! Expires 7/31/14.

Summer Fun at Home:

Lemonade Stand

While our summers are getting booked with trips and summer camp, I do like to make sure that my kids also have some down time. One activity that I am excited to do with them is the Lemonade Stand Start-Up Kit from Bizainy Activity Kit. This fun kit includes “Fresh and Delicious Lemonade” banners, decorate-your-own money box, sales pad, decorate-your-own-price sign and a 20-page book with marketing plan, budget, sales strategies, recipes and more so kids can make and sell their award-winning recipe this summer.

Rose Art

For fun at the park, we love the new Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint from RoseArt. These fun packs 2 fun colors and 2 brushes where your kids can instantly create. All you need to get started is water where your kids can create Spring murals, Fourth of July landscapes with the Flag and fireworks, paint sea creatures, spaceships or a hopscotch game. For ages 3 and up, these paints are certified non-toxic.

RingStix Lite

Staying active is also a part of summer, which is why we love RingStix Lite, a new outdoor game that is played by players passing the ring back and forth to one another using two specially designed Stix. Players toss the ring by placing it onto their stixs and pulling the stixs apart which launches the rings as high and far as you like. The ring spins and stabilizes during flight and your opponent must catch it on their stix. RingStix provides a fun way to get everyone together and keep them playing outdoors for hours and hours of fun.

For Camping:


Pelican ProGear: For those camping or exploring this summer, we suggest the 2350 LED Flashlight from Pelican ProGear. This small, but powerful flashlight features 1 hour 45 min of running time that is bright, sharp and vivid for night time summer adventures.

Those camping will also have to be aware of ticks and Lyme disease. We have been learning a lot from the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, promoting advocacy and supporting initiatives to find a cure for tick-borne disease- one of the fastest growing diseases in the United States. One thing you may not know is that not every individual who is infected with Lyme will receive the notable bulls-eye rash, which makes the illness even harder to diagnose. To understand bites, we suggest the Diagnostic Tick Testing Kit from Lyme Aid Kit that can be used on people and pets.

For picnics:

IcyBreeze colors

IcyBreeze cooler: We love this innovative cooler that not only keeps food and drinks chilled, but it acts as a personal air conditioner. With its built in battery you can take your IcyBreeze anywhere to be the heat, while a fan blows out that chilled air on to you. No longer do you have to be a victim of the heat, but now you can find relief while at the ball park, camping, playing golf, on the job and more. Additionally, it has a multi speed fan you can find the right amount of relief when you need it and the flexi-hose allows you to blow the air in any direction you want.


Bumkins: For storage we also love the washable and resuable bags from Bumkins. These are great to hold lunch and snacks that can be used for picnics, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, dog treats, road trips and so much more. They are also Lead free, PVC free, BPA free, Phthalates free, Vinyl free and a great alternative to plastic bags.


PackIt: For smaller cooler items, we love PackIts. This no-ice needed system keeps food and drinks cold for up to 10 hours. There's freezable gel actually built into the lining of the bag. The bags fold up super small so you can store your PackIt overnight in the freezer. Pull it out and the walls are completely frozen. The bag won't just insulate, it will actually create cold and chill room-temperature items in about an hour. Priced at just $19.99, they are a great for summer travel.

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