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Great Gift #3

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I can't take credit for unearthing this terrific toy from Eeboo. A few months ago, my daughter and I enjoyed a play date with a French Mommy and her daughter. The chic French mom shared a nifty find--the Eeboo Lacing Card--during the date. Just leave it to the French to not only look stylish through pregnancy and motherhood, but to also discover the coolest toys.

Here's the idea with the Eeboo Lacing Toy. The set comes with five large (9" x 11") laminated cards and five colorful laces. Each card contains a playful illustration with a few dozen holes punched into the card. Kids string the laces through the holes in the cards in a sewing motion.

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These award-winning lacing toys are advertised for ages 3+, but my two-year-old could definitely muster the dexterity required to play with these toys. Choose from more than a dozen patterns, my favorites include the Barn Animal Musicians (who can resit a pig playing the banjo) and the Fairies in the Field. Click here: at Genius Babies to purchase Barn or Fairy Set. $14.95 for a set of 5.

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