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Gear Girl: New Tech Gadgets You Need

We're always on the lookout for new tech gadgets that will make our lives easier or more convenient. Here we've rounded up some of our favorite tech finds for fall.

Latest Tech Finds for Moms

Armpocket: Whether you love it or loathe it, we all know that working out makes us healthier, stronger, saner and a better parent. One thing that can help pass the time or get you motivated to get through that next mile is your favorite song playing in your ear. With Armpocket's collection of armbands, you can safely and comfortably hold your phone during your next workout. We've been trying out the Aero i-10 model which not only holds your phone, but has room for your ID, keys and cash.

These armbands are designed by runners and include smart features like a touch-thru window to access all your apps with ease, earbud access, reflective piping, and dual zippers with Zip-N-Stow to prevent annoying zipper bounce. Armpocket has a number of armband styles including super slim models, those with lots of storage and a NightHawk version with LED lights for added safety. Choose your model, color and strap size, and then hit the road, trails or treadmill, knowing that next song will get you through your workout and your essentials are close at hand. Learn more at or buy at Amazon.


DUBS Acoustic Filters: It's a right of passage for every parent to take their daughters to some pop star's performance, right? You probably saw that collection of "Sad Dads" photos that circulated a while back of dazed, expressionless dads at a One Direction concert, surrounded by screaming teens. We prefer to actually enjoy the music (check out Momtrends founder Nicole rocking out at a Demi Lavato concert with her kids!), but that doesn't mean our ears can always handle it. Enter DUBS Acoustic Filters. Regular earplugs just try to block as much sound as possible. But DUBS are advanced tech earplugs that are designed to protect your ears by reducing the volume without sacrificing the experience.

From stadiums to subways, airplanes to arenas, our ears are constantly being bombarded with loud noises. DUBS protect your ears safely and comfortably by lowering the audio levels by an average of 12 decibels. They are compact, discrete, and are designed to fit kids age 16 to adults. So whether it's a pop concert or a monster truck rally, the weekend's football game or, ahem, afternoon violin practice, you can keep you ears safe while not being cut off from the experience. Learn more and buy at

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Standeazy: There are lots of times that a stand for your smartphone is convenient - showing the kids a funny video clip, watching a tutorial on how to get those soft waves, reading a new recipe. What's not so convenient is carrying around a stand all the time - until now. Standeazy is a lightweight, affordable smartphone stand that is the size of a credit card and stores flat until you need it. It has 5 levels of recline and can hold phones vertically or horizontally.

Super convienent for popping open when you need and and storing it compactly when you don't. Learn more at or purchase at Amazon.

Standeazy phone stand

Toola: Motherhood is all about juggling - remembering that shopping list while dropping your oldest off at soccer practice while quizzing your middle schooler on spelling words while mentally preparing for tomorrow's presentation at work. Toola helps you prevent the literal juggling of motherhood by keeping your phone handy, but hands-free. These cute cases were designed by Los Angeles mom and design-fan Meredith Brunswick who was tired of fishing for her phone in her bag.

Toola acts like a cute mini purse that secures holds your phone while have space for credit cards, cash or your ID as well. The cases have an exposed camera hole to help you grab that quick picture and a magnetic closure to hold everything inside. The crossbody chain keeps your phone close and convenient to grab when you need it, but leaves you hands-free to still deal with yogurt drips, street crossing, and tear wiping. See and shop all the cute designs at

Toola phone case
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