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We love fun and educational toys for babies and our kids. During the NY Now and Playtime NY show we were really excited about the newest toys and cool gift ideas. Featuring innovative designs and playful concepts, here are a few of new favorites.

1. Time Capsules: We all know that moments go by so quickly when you have kids. Before you know it, they are in kindergarten and even college. To hold on to these precious moments, we love Time Capsules as a way to capture moments like the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell, a graduation etc, where you can use the enclosed stickers, magic tape, tags, wrapping paper, etc to preserve your memories and hold onto to them forever.

2. Milestone Baby Cards: Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? We've found our favorite choice with Milestone Baby Cards, a fun collection of development cards that can capture the special moments of your child's first year. Created by Dutch mom Gemma Broekhuis, the cards are beautifully illustrated that capture moments such as smiling for the first time, eating solids and a major one for parents: sleeping through the night!

3. Mo-To: A new line of heirloom wood toys that are inspired by the iconic car designs of the late 60's Americana, MO-TO draws on the respect for craftsmanship and minimalist aesthetic. The simplicity of these toys and the romantic undertones with a respect for the Golden Age of American design, create a freeform play experience, where children fill in the story with their imagination. Made from German Beach Wood, finished in water based paint and made with a clear coat. Designed for kids 3 and up.

4. Nickster Collection: A new one-of-a-kind toy, the Nickster Collection encourages children to imagine and create. Children learn as the play by building each toy: first identifying different geometric shapes and then fitting blocks together like puzzles. We love how these toys are fun and playful as they appeal to the left and right brain. The Nickster range of educational toys includes the Wagonimals, Puzzle Truck, Sequence Train and Firefighter Truck. Designed for kids 0 and up.

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