Fun Fashions for Girls

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You can't accuse me of ignoring the boys this month as we focus on fashion. But I'm going to take a temporary break and talk about girly gear. Here's how I see it: Girls should dress like girls and still be able to swing upside down, throw a football and dig in the sandbox. I've found three examples of clothes that are beyond cute, but are still comfortable and functional.

1.) Tu for Tee. Most girls like dressing up. Tutu's despite their festive appearance aren't always the best sartorial choices. They are impractical for soooo many reasons (hard to clean, bulky, etc.). Tu for Tee is the solution. The clever designers added a bit of tulle to the bottom of tanks and tees to create a hybrid dress up-top. Cool enough for school, these tops have pizazz o'plenty. Tanks run $40. Shop for the newest cookie long-sleeve version at Tough Cookies. $52 sizes 12 m to 6. (photo left)

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2. Angela Frost Leggings. There are so many reasons to love leggings. They offer fashion freedom for girls whom insist on wearing dresses and skirts year round. And tomboys love them because they are comfortable and pair nicely with no-fuss tunics. The best around are the lively patterns from Angela Frost. Find them at Cutest prices start at $30. (photo top center)

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3. Love Is Organic Denim. Who can wear pencil jeans and not look ridiculous? Kate Moss and girls under the age of 11. This version is super soft and stitched form 100% organic denim. Adjustable waist and not too low in the back (don't you just hate the peeking underwear look!). Sizes 2-12. $128. If you're keen to be green they have an awesome selection of organic denim for the entire family at their online boutique. (photo right)

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