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Friday Finds: Girls Room Decor Ideas

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It is amazing how fast you can go from looking up essentials for your nursery to transitioning to a 'big kid' room. We are doing just that for my older daughter who will be getting her own room in September. A super exciting time for her, I have been pinning away and researching online - finding everything from furniture ideas to accessories. Here are some of my favorites for her room with a recap for boys up soon.

Wall decals

A fun way to easily change up a room is with wall decals. We have been loving the chic collection from, a boutique creative studio based in Texas. This includes a collection of tress, decorative prints, prints for the kitchen and really the entire home. My daughter wanted something very different and decided on the Cherry Blossom Triptych Wall Decal, which included three panels of wall decals featuring fun Cherry Blossoms in black and white. While putting them, I loved how they had such a quick peel and stick application as well as how easy they were to remove if I made any mistakes. Another bonus is that you can place special orders on other sizes and styles where you can create the perfect look for your kids' room.


For bedding, we are loving Zipit Bedding, a revolutionary bedding that has kids (or their parents) making the bed in just ONE zip. Recently featured on Shark Tank, this all-in-one zippered bedding not only looks cool but it will change the way you make your bed. This includes fun styles with zippered side pockets where you can store your stuff, like: cell phone, retainer, diary, flashlight and more. It also makes it easy to change your bed in seconds with no more kicked off covers, kids stay tucked in and warm all night. Some of our favorite styles are the Rocker Princess, Fantasy Forest and the Sweet Styles.


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As for wall decor, we love Children Inspire Design and their beautiful line of modern and culturally diverse wall art, wall cards and posters, full of whimsy, and designed to help children learn compassion for our earth and all who inhabit it. Right now, we are loving their one-of-a-kind collection which consists of hand-crafted, boho influenced pieces with a global, relaxed style. This includes favorites like the Vintage Feather Tapestry, Cortez Mobile and the fun Baby Acapulco Chair that is designed to add style to any kids' room.


We are an early to bed, early to rise family with my daughter having to be up by 6:30am for school. As part of her new room, I have been eyeing the super fun Pop Clock, a fun-loving and innovative alarm clock that is designed to wake the kids in a goofy, delightful way. When the alarm goes off, Pop Clock's quirky-cute monster-esque head pops off. To stop the alarm, users simply pop the Pop Clock's head back into place on its body. This includes clocks called Clocky and Tocky that roll when it's time to get up. Also, its monster-esque head pops off where all you have to do is place it back on its body to stop. Personally, I love its kid-friendly appeal and easy-to-read digital display as it teaches her how to get up on our own learning to get up and ready for school on their own. The clock runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and is available in green, yellow, blue and pink for $19.99.

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