Cutest Knit Caps from T-Knits


Cutest Knit Caps

Don't you just love a crafty mom? We found the cutest knit caps. I'm always impressed with anyone who can create fashion out of needles and yarn so I wanted to find out more about the mom behind t.knits hats. Owner/designer Tobi Spino used to work in the modeling world--so it's now wonder that she has great style. The brand launched when Tobi's customized hand knit hats became a popular accessory for many of the models at work. This industrious mom decided to go into business for herself.

All the hats Tobi makes can be custom ordered--you can pick the colors and pattern and she will get to work. What a great gift idea! Contact her at for pricing and order details.

Why did you start the business?
I had knit a bunch of hats for my son and whenever he wore them people kept asking where I got them and if I could make them one, so I thought, hey, why not turn my hobby into a business!

Favorite item?
I can't honestly say! I make them all by hand, so I feel an attachment to every design! But if I HAD to choose....I would say the letters! They are the original concept.

What do you love about your neighborhood/working from home in NYC?
We live on the UES and we love it here! It is so close to the park and there are so many families and kids. I love taking my son to Central Park where he can run and crawl in the grass, and chase the dogs. He is a dog lover, so we know that it is inevitable that a four legged friend will be in our future!I love working from home and being a part of my son's everyday life. I haven't worked in an office setting in 5 years, and cant imagine going back. I love being in control of my time and my schedule, and being able to make time during the day to take my son to a class, for a walk, or just be able to give him his lunch. I also love cooking, and working from home allows me to have the luxury of cooking dinner for my family! I think my husband loves that part the most, since he is the guinea pig for all my recipes!

Describe your style philosophy?
I am definitely a denim girl! Jeans are my staple. I love to dress them up with flirty tops, blazers, and heels...or dress them down with cool tees and flip flops or flats. I am also a sucker for cute summer dresses! I love how easy they are and I can get ready and out the door in about 20 minutes! I used to spend a lot of time getting ready to go out, but as most moms know, your free time is precious and limited!

Best Seller?
Definitely the personalized letters, followed by the heart!

What's in the works?
Camouflage, Tie Dye & Peace Signs...OH MY :)

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