Friday Close-Up: Schneider's


Online retailers are wonderful for convenience and late night shopping, but New Yorkers also love the experience of shopping at a store with a personal touch. That's what you'll find at Schneider's.

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They have been in business fro 59 years--so they know a thing or two about babies, baby gear, and baby furniture. There is nothing slick about Schneider's. They know about furniture and value quality. What I love most about this shop is that they provide honest service and strong opinions. Lorraine is my go-to resource at Schneider's. I stop in every few months to get her take on trends and new brands. If they pass Lorraine's standards I'm impressed. She is a wealth of knowledge for new parents looking to set up a registry.

Right now Lorraine says Teutoniastrollers are strong sellers with Bugaboo and Uppababy also making strong showings. Schneider's customer's don't seem to be skimping, but they are opting for timeless looks--cribs and baby furniture with a simple contemporary feel and clean lines.

There is always something new to see--this time around it was the hand painted murals from Sam Simon. "I want referrals and for customer's to be happy," says Lorraine. Customers can walk the spacious store and see more than a dozen cribs set up and accessorized. Parents to be can also special order from a wide array of brands. Want to take a stroller for a test ride? Feel free. You wont' feel rushed here.

41 West 25th St. (just off 6th)
New York, NY
closed Sundays

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