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Pink Chicken clothing celebrates all the great things about being a girl. Think colorful, twirly, fun to wear and not too serious. These are dresses for building sand castles and chasing fireflies. The designer behind the creations is local Stacey Fraser. She started designing the boho girls line above her garage.

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Stacey is a 15-year fashion veteran (babyGap, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren) and mother-of-two. You wont' be shocked to learn she's got two daughters that keep her inspired. I am thrilled that next spring I'll be able to wear Pink Chicken too. That's when Pink Chicken Women's will arrive. Here's our exclusive Close-Up with Stacey.

When did you start designing your line?
Pink chicken was started after my daughter, Sadie Rose, was born. At the time I was SVP of design for Old Navy so I took a year off to be with my girls but couldn’t get designing out of my system. I started making my them dresses in the summer at our house in Amagansett, NY...and pink chicken was born.

Where did you come up with the name?
My husband John came up with the name. It relates to how we used to make our daughter Belle, eat chicken. After brainstorming for days, once I heard pink chicken, I knew that was the name of my line.

Favorite item from your line for fall? I would have to say my favorite item from our fall 09 line is the Tess dress in the owl print. I love the simplicity of the dress with the quirkiness of the print.

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What you love about your job?
I love doing what I love, it sounds silly, but using my creative juices while creating lines each season for pink chicken is my job, and it is what I love. I also value being able to have a flexible schedule, so I can spend time with my girls, who are my absolute love.

What makes Pink Chicken special?
Season to season we offer great style and quality, at a great price. Our lines are always unique, full of vintage inspiration, and easy breezy dresses that can be worn at playtime, beach time, dinner time, any time.

Where is your office?
Our office is located in Chelsea, where we are blocks away from the inspiration of the fashion district.

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What do you love about your neighborhood?
I live in the Greenwich Village, and I love walking down the street and being inspired by the people that I see. I feel that where I live has a real neighborhood vibe, which is great for my girls. I am surrounded by one of the most artistic and inspirational parts of manhattan, and it brings inspiration to my life and my work each day.

Tot fashion trends for fall?
For womens, bohemian chic has been around and has made an enormous comeback. With that in mind we continue to guide our line with bohemian styling in mind. Layered dressing for little ones seems to be on the rise, as well as jewel tones, and menswear stripes. At pink chicken we have created looks with all of these in our fall collection!

Fashion accessory you are craving for Fall?
Really big gold and silver hoop earrings!

How are you weathering the recession?
We have been doing great. Small fashion businesses across the board have been challenged throughout this time. At pink chicken we have been overcoming our challenges and even growing during these hard times.I think the thing that makes pink chicken stay afloat is that fact we offer something unusual and different at a fair price point.

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Favorite NYC kiddie boutique?
Yoya, because it has an eclectic mix of classic and modern for all size ranges.

Visit the Amagansett store on the east end of Long Island or shop online

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