Friday Close-Up: Madison Rose Maternity


Take note style-savvy moms-to-be: Madison Rose is an exquisite maternity boutique you NEED to visit. Last night I had my nose pressed against their window on Court St. I could not believe the gorgeous clothes in the shop window. These treasures looked so fashionable, so new, so sexy. How could they be so affordable?

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Here's how it works: Moms who are done with their pregnancy wardrobe make an appointment to drop off their maternity wardrobes. Madison Rose scoops up the best of the best. Excellent condition clothes with name brands. When accepted, you'll be issued a check and or credit. then your pregnancy wardrobe splurges get fashionably displayed and snatched up by another discerning pregnant woman. Isn't it exciting to know you don't have to pay Madison Avenue prices to look fabulous the next nine months! I had to find out how this shop came to be. So without further ado, the Friday Close-up with Madison Rose.

Why did you open the shop?My husband and I always wanted to open our own store. It was a dream of ours. We never really had the guts to quit the safety of our 9-5 corporate jobs to do it. As it turned out I quit the corporate world to be home with my 2 daughters and then the recession about a year later hit and my husband was laid off. I got the idea for the store when my second daughter was born and I had tons of maternity clothes. I started to notice how people bought and sold these items on the yahoo list serves. I ended up selling all of my clothes but not before a light bulb went off. I noticed so many women went scavenging through the lists to find items to fit them and then had run from house to house to see if they worked for them. So after setting up shop in my house for a few months and the job search not getting better for my husband we took a leap of faith and said to ourselves "its time to live the dream."

Favorite item in store?
My favorite item in the store changes weekly. Our store is like a treasure hunt. Every day something new comes in and everyday another favorite item is sold. I change the windows weekly and they are usually a good hint to my favorites of the week.

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What you love about the location?
Our store is in Carroll Gardens on court street and it couldn't be better suited for it. Court street is a family oriented street with locals who have lived here for years. Families stroll the blocks and the food is to die for. I'm lucky to live and work here. It also doesn't hurt that we are conveniently located next to a great baby shop called Ola Baby.

Describe the shopping experience?
One of the benefits we feel to shopping in our store is the experience. We strive to make shopping resale easy and our store feels more like a upscale boutique with personal service in a great atmosphere. I was never a rack shopper. The feeling of having to rummage through racks to find a needle in a haystack was never appealing to me. We try hard to be selective about what buy. We pride ourselves on our assortment. (Side note: Anything we don't select can be donated to the charity we exclusively work with which is Safe Horizons)

Most expensive thing in store? Maybe a tie between a Cadeau Special Occasion Dress and a Diane Von Furstenburg dress. Both around $140. But most items are below $60.

Favorite brands? We love our assortment of designer denim : Seven, Habitual, Citizens, Joe's, Rock n Republic etc. We also love DVF, ChiaraKruza, Ripe, Cadeau, Liz Lange Collection, Splendid, Pea in the Pod, Velvet. But we don't limit ourselves to only high end brands we will also carry items from Target, Motherhood and many in between IF and only IF they meet our aesthetic requirements. So in theory there is a item for many different budgets,

What surprises you about your customers?
Our customers have been so supportive. They come in and say, "I'm so happy you're here" or "Finally!" They are so happy to have a maternity option that fits their budget or a place that will take them off their hands. Many have said that they could never have bought designer jeans or RTW if we weren't around. They feel good about themselves and their budgets. And for people who are done with having kids they are excited to be able to get some return on their short lived investment.

Madison Rose
313 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY

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