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Motherhood means trading one style for another. It's tough to follow tots on the playground in 3" Manolos and dry-clean-only blouses are a thing of the past. But great bags, that is one style sacrifice moms don't have to negotiate. Trendy mamas can rely on Hedvig Bourbon to keep them looking sharp while toting all of the necessities: diapers, blankets, wipes, bottles, etc.

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This Brooklyn mom has turned the diaper bag into fashion accessory without losing one iota of functionality. Her latest line is full of punchy color. Think vibrant reds and sassy purple. The Lucas diaper bag is a perennial favorite. Worn as a should er bag it looks chic enough for a adult brunch. But when on duty, mom relies on the unique strap design to hook the bag around the handles of all strollers. A leather strap converts the diaper bag with an easy switch from a stroller tote to an over the shoulder bag. ($258)

Here's the close-up:

Why did you open the online shop?
It's a great way to get exposure, promote and sell my collection. And I know busy urban moms love the convenience of shopping at any hour of the day or night.

Favorite item from your line?
The Lucas diaper bag in fuchsia from my collection – it fits my on-the-move lifestyle. In addition to being functional, it is chic and blends with my style. It's anything but basic and boring.

What do you love about your neighborhood/working from home in NYC?
Boerum Hill has friendly people, beautiful tree-lined streets, and cute playgrounds in addition to great shopping, restaurants and cafes. A big plus is that everything is in walking distance, so it's practical for strolling around with my kids. Working out of home I get the best of 2 worlds: I can be with my children and at the same time have a flexible schedule and run my own business.

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Describe your style philosophy?
Comfortable & practical with a touch of style for daytime and the playground and boho chic for work and dressing up.

Best Seller? Judabee pouch for diapers & wipes

What's in the works?
I am working on some exciting new bag designs using organic materials.

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