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Shopping at huge stores always depresses me. I can never find the special items or great service I crave. That's why I support NYC's glorious small children's shops. A new favorite is Bundle. It's prefect for me since owner Allison MacCullough handpicks everything in store and caters to all her wares to kids six and under. I'm so thrilled that Allison left her Wall Street career to bring her good taste to busy parents. And here's a exclusive interview with Allison.

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Why did you open this store?
I live nearby and love shopping in Soho, but I found it really frustrating that there wasn’t a reasonably priced store for stylish children’s clothing in the area. I either had to shop at Baby Gap - which is perfectly fine, but not very unique - or spend way more money than I wanted to at one of the baby couture shops. I saw a real opportunity to bring some amazing, moderately priced children’s lines that can’t be found near by to my favorite neighborhood. I also, of course, love kids and love clothes, so it is a dream come true to be surrounded by both all day!

Favorite item in the store/bestseller?
Our BabyBonkies. They are really easy to use, super soft, machine washable swaddles in the most amazing prints! At $59, they make the perfect gift. (picture left, “Elinor”)

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What you love about your customers?
Their kids! Oh it is so fun having them in the store. We keep toys in a wicker elephant toy basket so we can play while Mom or Dad shop. Kids know what’s in there – they run right to the elephant when they come in! Our check-out counter is also a chalkboard, so it’s a special treat when one of the kids draws me a picture.

What will a shopper get from you that they can't get at a large retailer?
Personal attention. Whether its interacting with their kids so they can take a minute to shop, helping them pick out a great gift, or showing them an amazing new line, our service can’t be matched. Our merchandise is also very unique. While we have some awesome national brands like Splendid and Tea, we also carry brand new lines like Velvet & Tweed and Acoustic, which you can’t really find anywhere else in the city.

What do you love about your neighborhood?
Every block is different – filled with stores and restaurants that can only be found in New York. I know most of neighbors and many of the shop owners. They are all interesting people who take great pride in offering the best in whatever business they’re in.

Least expensive item in the store?
Other than our custom made cards by Philosophies ($2.50-$4.75), it is Jellycat’s Cordy Rattles at $12. They are adorable! (see picture right)

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What surprises you about your customers?
Sometimes people – especially if they don’t have kids – are very nervous about buying clothes for someone else’s baby. They worry whether they’re getting the right size, if the parents will like it, if it’s practical, etc. That’s why I created Bundle’s concierge service. If you’re not sure what to get, or just don’t have time to shop yourself, you can just call Bundle or visit our perfect gift for you.

11am-7pm Monday - Saturday
12pm-6pm Sunday

128 Thompson Street

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