French Fashions for the Kids

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I may have let it slip that I am an unabashed Francophile. The wine, the food, the art, the architecture...the baby gear. A once a year shopping trip to Paris is probably out of the question for most parents. But there's good news: Oeuf brings all the best of France right to your doorstep.

Mother/Designer and native Frenchwoman, Sophie Demenge is in charge of steering Oeuf's new creations and endeavors. She's (and her hubby Michael) dreamed up everything from dresses to dressers, all with a cohesive style that is in Demenge's words, "casual, simple, European, eclectic and functional."

Since I'm a huge fan I was thrilled that Sophie shared some of her views on parenting and design.

Q. What do you think Oeuf does better than anyone else?
A. We don'??t really compare ourselves to others, we just concentrate on what we do which is designing classic, simple and functional products that respect people and the environment. Everything we do is based on this principle from our manufacturing, with a ultra eco friendly factory in Latvia where only wood from a sustainable birch forest is used; to our Clothier Collection, with knits produced by a collective of knitters in Bolivia that has helped sustain a whole community. But most of all, our products are tested by our kids, the toughest critics of all!

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Q. What tips can American parents take from their European counterparts?

Mostly to take the time to slow down and enjoy each moment. For Europeans, it'??s not all about work. It'??s about spending quality time with family and friends say over a leisurely meal, kicking back and enjoying the present. Happiness is about all those little, mundane moments like holding your child'??s hand on the way to school and chatting along the way'?¦Stop, enjoy, relax and relish the simple things.

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Here are a few Ouef designs I can't live without:
The Ouef Baby Lounger: No batteries--all style. The canvas (five color options) and metal lounger is the spot I place baby when I need my hands free. It looks so elegant in my home I never cringe when I gaze upon it next to my "grown up" belongings. Plus it's a snap to launder. $98

The Ouef toddler bed: Often imitated, this streamlined bed is a perfect way for a child to transition form crib to "big kid bed" $570

The Ouef Hoodie: Ok I admit it is a tad expensive, but my toddler always grabs this item when she's on the go. Why is it so cool? It zips up the back and has a nice roomy fit. Each season brings new colors. $84

One of the most telling things Demenge said was that children appreciate beautiful design. I think she's right.

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