Five Tips for Sane Flying with Kids

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I've gone to the experts on this subject. Hana Wolf is the co-founder of Little Jet Set: The site that delivers all things travel to harried parents. Wolf and her partner (Nisha Cordero) are both attorneys who've logged many hours in the air. These expert travelers (and fellow moms) decided to take a break from practicing law to share their knowledge about "the inherent challenges of traveling with children." All their items appeal to the needs of today's stressed family. She's helping us out with "Five Tips for Sane Flying with Kids":

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  1. Take advantage of pre-boarding. Unless the airline specifically designates an age limit, 4 and under is acceptable. This gives you the opportunity to get your children settled and their in-flight entertainment set up without the pressure of a building line behind you.
  2. Make sure your child uses the bathroom before boarding, before the plane leaves the gate and once the pilot announces that the plane is starting its initial decent. If you are faced with being stuck on the tarmac, and your child insists that he has to go to the bathroom, advise him that he can'??t get up, and will instead have to pee into your empty water bottle. My son was so mortified by this prospect, he made it another 20 minutes.
  3. Be sure to pack snacks, or a light meal if you'??re going to be flying for more than 3 hours. A hungry child is a cranky child.
  4. Make sure your child is comfortable, which means having an extra set of clothes in case of an accident (see Tip 1) or spill, and bringing along a small pillow and blanket. You absolutely do not want to use the airline issued ones. Aside from the fact that they'??re not soft, it's questionable whether they'??ve been washed.
  5. Bring ample toys, games and books to keep him or her occupied during the flight. Kids ages 3 and up are old enough to tote their own a carry-on, which can then be placed under the seat in front of them giving them easy access to their own stuff. To that end here are her picks:

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase: self explanatory (see feature pic) and way cool. $40
Zoobie 3-in-1 Travel Pets: plush toy, blanket and pillow all in one. Pick from 9 animals--got to love the hippo. $32
Baby on the Go Meal Set: Portable meal and snack set (all with lids).
Sticker Set Play Scenes: Little boys will go overboard for the pirate book from Mudpuppy with 50 reusable stickers--there are many other themes from which to pick. $12
Piggy Story Art Folio: Drawing pad and crayons put together in an adorable portfolio. $20

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Where does Wolf love to take her kids: Chicago! She says there are great museums. parks and entertainment for kids and adults, plus easy public transportation.
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