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Favorite Tech Finds from Microsoft

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Seattle Travel
Microsoft Trip

A few weeks ago Momtrends had the pleasure to attend an extensive program with Microsoft in beautiful Seattle. Covering everything from photo apps to the latest in technology, we were immersed in the world of tech on the Mircosoft campus as well as through Seattle where we put some of the tech to use. Here are some of my highlights on some tech finds that can enhance our everyday life. Also, be sure to check our more of my coverage with even more highlights (and pictures of Seattle!) from this informational trip as well as some online safety tips for the home.

Tech Finds for the Home:

Microsoft Trip

As a busy mom finding time to work out at a gym is really challenging. I need flexibility and I also don't want to pay for expensive membership fees for a service that I might not use. At the event I learned all about Xbox Fitness, an innovative system that is available on their all-in-one entertaining unit, Xbox One. During a demo at the event, I loved learning about how they offered workouts from popular trainers like Jillian Michaels and Tracey Anderson that you could enjoy right in the comfort of your own home. This also includes a system that makes recommendations for you as it tracks your profile, activity level and even your muscles. They also offer yoga, high endurance classes and low-impact where you can truly pick a workout for your body type and fitness level.

Surface 2
Surface 2

During the event, all attendees also had the chance to use the Surface 2 . How it works is that you purchase it as a tablet ($449) and then can add the keyboard ($129) for an instant and functional laptop. Using it all weekend, I loved how extensive the battery life as as well as how it cool it was to set up multiple users on one Surface. Additional benefits of the Surface are that it is both rear and front facing, offers a camera feature and it includes Office, Excel, One Note for easy sharing. There is also a fun feature includes called Office Lens where you can take pictures and then insert the picture into the screen. It also a touchscreen with a cool kickstand for a hands-free typing experience. Great for college students, families and small businesses, I loved the features from the Surface 2 that make it so easy to be productive wherever you are.

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We also learned about spring cleaning tips for our digital life. At the event, I learned that 80% of our emails are commercial in nature! One way to clean out your digital life using an email system from Microsoft is with the sweep function. Through this you can delete a collection of emails that are 10 days old. You can also use services like One Note to organize your recipes and emails so that don't clog your inbox. Check out the tips below for even more way to lighten up your email this spring.

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I also learned more about One Note, a digital note-taking app that is designed to keep you organized. Through this free service you can easily share information such as your thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, documents and PDFs - all in one place. This is great for note home, work, recipe collections, projects, note taking, travel and more where you can add pictures, information or clip information from websites to always be connected and on-top of the many lists and activities in your life. Personally, I love this work where you can share a notebook with your co-workers that can be viewed and edited using OneDrive and OneNote Online. One Note is free for Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Live Scribe

Another cool tech find at the event was learning all about the Livescribe 3 smartpen. Through this tool you can write or draw on paper using their sleek, simplified smartpen that allows you to syncing your notes to your iPhone or iPad, where they can be organized, tagged, searched, converted into text and shared. I love this for events and meetings where I often write with a pen and a paper. with the Livescribe 3, you can capture your notes and effortlessly transfer them into your computer. This is great to create tasks, reminders, calendar events, contacts or more. The Livescribe 3 uses low-energy Bluetooth Smart to connect to any iPhone 4S, 3rd-gen iPad or 5th-gen iPod touch (or newer devices with iOS 7) to deliver more than 14 hours of battery life.

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Momtrends is proud to be an Microsoft Ambassador.

This is part of a paid blogging campaign. We will be posting about my experiences with Microsoft products and services. Everything is unscripted and based on my personal experiences.

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