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As we have mentioned in our Ultimate Baby Shower and our recent I See Me video we are big fans of the online personalized publisher, I See Me. As an online publisher, I See Me produces everything from books, placemats, puzzles, growth charts, coloring books and more. Great for gifts and a way to personalize items for your kids, I See Me makes every child (and their name) feel special as they literally place them in stories. This is not only something that they will treasure during bedtime, they are mementos that will last a lifetime. In addition to their books, we love the fun ways you can incorporate your kids' name in different products like with their fun growth charts. This includes an incredible selection of options like the styles Love is in the Air, Things That Go, Outer Space, and much more! Through this high-quality and beautifully illustrated canvas charts you can watch your child grow as you chart their height through the years. This also includes four grommets for hanging that goes up to 60" and can be easily rolled up and treasured until your child is way past the height of the chart. Another favorite, especially for back-to-school, is their cool personalized lunch boxes.This includes a way to place your kids' name on both sides with an inside lid with a chalkboard where you can write a personalized note each day. The lunch boxes are also made of tin and have no lead with some of our favorites being the styles Dreamy Day, My Farm Friends,and the Off to School lunch box, among many others! We also love their cute coloring books where your kids' names will be placed on the cover that follow a variety of fun themes. This includes Fairy Tales, Princess Adventures, Blast Off and more as they can learn, color and be creative. With the many toy and gift options out there, we are so excited to spread the word about the no-tech and creative company, I See Me where you kids become a part of the story or product that both of you will treasure for years to come.

I See Me
I See Me
I See Me Lunchboxes
I See Me Lunchboxes
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