Fashion Trends


I spent most of the day looking at fashions. First stop The Children's Place--loads of layers and funky prints. They are pushing buying a complete wardrobe (think 20 pieces) for $250 bucks this fall. Sounds good in this economy.

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Next stop, Payless Shoes. I met with Summer Rayne Oakes the head designer of Payless' Zoe & Zack shoes. These are eco-friendly shoes all priced under $30. Pretty cool concept to bring well-priced green fashions to the masses. First reports look good. The children's styles like the are selling like hotcakes. Women's' styles (check out the Tigerlily Wedge) are also out-performing expectations (see the Daisy Frayed Skimmer). Nice work Payless.

After all this I treated myself to a little shopping on 5th Avenue in NYC. I was looking for summer dresses for the girls and to supplement my wardrobe--dresses feel so NOW. No accessories necessary. Just one piece and go. For the minis, I found the sweetest looks at Zara. The girl's fashions are so euro-chic. I grabbed three dresses, socks and a little coat all for under $70. And the styles look fresh out of a pricey boutique.

My hunt to score dresses was a tad more frustrating. I hit a half-dozen shops--no luck. Until I happened upon my beloved Anthropologie. Why do these clothes fit me so well? Don't know. But they do. Plus everything is machine washable (who has time for drycleaning?). Two dresses and a pair of capris later, I feel fully updated.

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