Family Time with a Home Projector

Home projector, Epson

A few weeks ago I had the chance to attend a fun preview that was hosted by Epson. Renowned for their printers, I was also struck by their line of projectors that offer families a fun and creative new way to enjoy movies in the comfort of their own home.

To help me better understand projectors how projectors can work in the home, I spoke with Jason Palmer, marketing manager, Epson America, Inc, where he shared some information about the various models that Epson offers as well as how to create your own home theater.

Home Projector, Epson
Home Projector, Epson
Home Projector, Epson

Momtrends: What are some options for families that want a home theater but don't have much money to spend? 

Jason Palmer: Believe it or not, Epson has a range of affordable options for families that allow users to create a bright, spectacular movie experience with images up to 300” virtually anywhere. Epson has a wide variety of products at different price points to meet the needs of every consumer, including:

  • PowerLite Home Cinema 500 ($379) offers 2,600 lumens of color brightness and 2,600 lumens of white brightness, built-in sound, and 3LCD technology for true-to-life color. The compact projector also features built-in set-up tools, a convenient HDMI input, and the ability to connect additional external speakers to make setup easier-than-ever for indoor and outdoor movie nights the entire neighborhood can enjoy. Simply plug in a Blu-ray player, gaming console or streaming media player to play super-sized videogames or watch your kid’s favorite flicks.
  • The PowerLite Home Cinema 725HD ($549) is one of Epson’s brightest projectors to date with 3,000 lumens of color brightness and 3,000 lumens of white brightness for brilliant 720p HD image quality. The Home Cinema 725HD features built-in sound, easy set up with a automatic vertical keystone and an easy-slide control bar for simple horizontal image correction as well as an HDMI port for a range of Blu-ray players, TV receivers, game consoles, PCs, and smartphones.
  • For an affordable 3D option, the PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 ($899) is Epson’s most compact 1080p projector under $1,000, offering customers impressive image quality in both 2D and 3D at a great price. The Home Cinema 2000 also features built in sound and a new MHL-enabled HDMI port to use with MHL-supported devices, including a range of Android phones and tablets, and the Roku Streaming Stick, instantly transforming the projector into a smart display.
Home Projector, Epson

Momtrends: What are some of the benefits of having a home theater unit in the home?

Jason: The biggest benefits are size (you can project images on any wall or screen that are up to 25 times the size of a 60” flat panel) and portability. Gone are the days when projectors were only for dark, dedicated theater rooms. Bright, affordable and easy-to-setup projectors have made it possible for families and enthusiasts to get the immersive theater experience once researved only for the Hollywood elite. You can watch big-screen movies, TV and games in any room in the house. And, with the high brightness and compact, portable design of Epson’s projectors, families can bring their projector anywhere – even outdoors for a summer movie night under the stars. I would encourage readers to think of their favorite place to watch. How about watching “Shark Tale” while floating in your pool, or “Star Wars” under the stars? Bring the projector camping and entertain the whole campsite. My five year old daughter did a camp out with “The Parent Trap” and smores. Halloween and Christmas are also great times to use the projector. I project “Nightmare Before Christmas” on the front of my house during Halloween and we are the most popular house on the block!

Momtrends: Beyond watching movies, what else can you watch via a home theater unit?

Jason: Projectors feature a range of connections just like any flat-panel TV, including HDMI, Component Video and USB Type A digital connection making it easy to connect almost anything, including TV receivers, Blu-ray players, streaming media devices, gaming consoles, laptops, and mobile devices. In addition, a USB 2.0 connection also makes it easy to view slideshows and digital photos. There’s nothing cooler than a Wii gaming tournament on a screen that’s bigger than the people playing the game!

Momtrends: How do home theater units compare to traditional TV/movie watching? 

Jason: Projectors allow users to watch their favorite movies, TV shows and live sporting events on a big screen – up to 300-inches wide (25 times larger than a 60-inch TV screen). Whether in high-quality 2D or eye-popping 3D, this provides the ultimate in entertainment – bringing the experience of a movie theater straight to your living room. Unlike TVs, families can bring a projector with them anywhere – indoors and out.

Momtrends: What are some premium home theater units that families can invest in?

Jason:The PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 ($1,599) 3LCD Full HD 1080p 2D/3D projector offer 2,300 lumens of color brightness and 2,300 lumens of white brightness. It also has a number of additional features, including 2D-to-3D conversion, split screen mode and two built-in 10W speakers. It also comes with two pairs of RF 3D glasses. The Home Cinema 3020e model features a built-in WirelessHD receiver along with an external transmitter providing five HDMI inputs to enjoy full HD 1080p wirelessly.

Designed with custom installers in mind, the PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UB ($2,599) 3LCD projector boasts 2,400 lumens of color brightness and 2,400 lumens of white brightness, Full HD 1080p resolution, 2D-to-3D conversion, split screen mode and FineFrame technology for smoother frame interpolation and sharper video quality. The Home Cinema 5020UBe model also features a built-in WirelessHD receiver along with an external transmitter providing five HDMI inputs to enjoy full HD 1080p wirelessly.

Epson also shared some tips on how to create your own DIY Backyard Movie Night at home for instant fun for the whole family.

Step 1: Hang a white sheet or find a light color wall on side of house.

Step 2: Invite friends for movie-themed party; use movie poster style invites.

Step 3: Use Home Cinema 500 to project music/images as guest arrive; project movie for main event.

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