Exchange Unwanted Gift Cards for the Gift You REALLY Want

Knot Standard

We all know this scenario all too well - you get a gift card from a company that don't really like or one from a company that doesn't have products that interest you.

Luckily the guys at Knot Standard have you covered through their gift card exchange program. From now through the end of January, you can trade in your unwanted gift cards (up to $50) for credit of equal value toward the purchase of a Knot Standard suit, blazer, or any other garment or accessory they offer.

We recently had the chance to learn more about this innovative company and how you can use your cards from something that you really want.

Momtrends: How did you decide to offer this gift card exchange program?

Knot Standard: It was based on our promise that our suits are better than any off-the-rack suit that can be bought – and we wanted to help out anyone that didn’t get a gift card that they wanted for the holidays!

Momtrends: What gift cards can be exchanged in the program?

Knot Standard:Any! We’ve already had people redeem Best Buy, Walgreens, and JoS A Bank, to name a few.

Momtrends: Can you talk about customized suits - how does this work?

Knot Standard: We’ve made it a simple process – take any of our suits (which can be customized with your name and style), and then follow our simple instructions to take your measurements automatically with our webcam or measuring tape. Your custom suit is made and delivered in three to four weeks!

Momtrends: What suit trends are expecting to see in 2014?

Knot Standard: More checked patterns, and more colors. The world is breaking out of the typical.

Momtrends: What materials are used in this process?

Knot Standard: We splurge on high-quality materials for our customers, so that they keep coming back again and again. Our suits are made from Italian and English wools from mills including Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry, and Loro Piana – to name a few.

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