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Fun Products for Toddlers

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My active toddler has been keeping me on my toes. Since she is in pure discovery mode, I have been using some products for both her enjoyment and development. Here are some of my favorites (so far):

Monarca Language’s “Las Aventuras de Tutuca” CD: It is belived that children can develop a new language very easily at this stage. To help her learn some basic Spanish we have been using the Monarca Language CD, an incredible collection of music and engaging songs that my daughter loves to bounce to and repeat the words. Designed to help kids develop an ear for the Spanish language, I love how it is fun and engaging both of us.

Educational Apps: I am low-tech mama but even I get impressed with some of the educational apps on the market. For my toddler, we have been using Music Matching With Lisa Loeb, a cool new app from Gabuduck where young children can learn about colors, instruments, sounds and eye-hand coordination all while memorizing and matching character picture cards. As she learns all about music, she is also improving her concentration and memory in this highly engaging app that also features music by Lisa Loeb, 'Jabo' Bihlman and Dog and Pony Show. We also love the Wee You-Thing app. This quirky new app that features a colorful crew of characters celebrating “you-things”—those little and big things that, together, make you special and like no one else in the world. This also includes great tips for parents to help kids learn about differences and start conversations that help build understanding, encourage empathy, inspire creativity, develop confidence and induce giggles. We also love how this modern app includes fun music by indie rock band Rabbit and how it focuses on celebrating everyone's differences through their brillant graphics and fun humor.

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Sippy Cups: I have gone through a lot of sippy cups and one of my all-time favorites is Born Free. I used the BPA-free bottles when she was a baby, and now that she is a toddler we have been using the cool Straw Cup and the Drinking Cup. I love the Straw Cup for her smoothies that she easily as access to and then I can close it when she's done. The Drinking Cup is great for her milk and water and makes it easy to transport on-the-go since they don't leak or spill. Another sippy cup that I have been using is the assortment from ADIRI. The ADIRI Sippy Cups features a collection of cute and colorful cups that include a soft and smooth spout as well as a leak-free valve so you don't have to worry about any spills. They aslo include cute animalas and characters that your tot is sure to love. To give our sippy cups even more personality, I have been using the labels from Kidaroo Crew. These fun labels are super durable and reusable that feature 3D designs such as animals, sports items, and even your child's name. I also love that they are made with using FDA compliant non-toxic material; which is Phthalate, Lead, and BPA-free that make them great for daycare, travel, preschool, play dates, and much more.

American Blanket Company: We recently moved my daughter into a toddler bed and have been covering her in the uber soft and comfortable blankets from the American Blanket Company. Featuring a variety of colors and hand-stitched patterns too, these gorgeous blankets are all American-made, guaranteed for life, and come gift wrapped - making them an ideal gift for a new baby. We also love that they are made with fleece - offering babies and kids warmth, comfort, and the ultimate in softness.

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