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5 Ways to Practice Your Handwriting Skills

5 Ways to Encourage More Handwriting

It’s National Handwriting Day, and, while other off-the-grid holidays might miss our radar, this one is always marked (beautifully in cursive, I might add!) on our annual calendar. As bloggers, we're big on writing from the heart. But, as women and moms, we’re also big on writing from the hand. There’s something so special, authentic, and meaningful about handwritten words on a page. Sure, It’s easy to rely on laptops and computers and emails and text messages in this age of technology. And we're not complaining—in this business, we rely on those modern mediums. But it's also why we're so committed to keeping ourselves, our kids, and our wrists in action! Our children are so electronically-wired these days, and it's our responsibility to lead by example. So pick up a pen and paper, and get to work! Here are five ways to encourage this important activity and celebrate National Handwriting Day.


Get a New Journal
Commit to putting your thoughts, feelings, and ideas down in writing every night. If a whole blank page seems unrealistic or intimidating, consider a "one line a day" journal. Keep it on your nightstand, and make it part of your bedtime routine.

thanks a brunch card

Send Someone a Card
Create and send a "thank you" note for a friend who did something small and unexpected for you, or just jot down a little "hello" to a loved one you haven't connected with in a while. A beautiful piece of stationery or uplifting greeting card will totally brighten your day and someone else's.

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letters to future self

Write a Letter
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colorful pens

Treat Yourself to a New Pen
Allow us to geek out for a second, but there's nothing like a brand new pen with the perfect weight, feel, and flow to get creative juices moving—whether you opt for one that's cute and fun or functional and professional. (Clearly, we go for the cute and fun first!)

Watch Our Video
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