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Summer cooking and entertaining should be effortless. Of course, any feat is not meet with a host of things to do and make. To make cooking (and a clean-up) a breeze, we have been using PAM Cooking Spray, a no-stick solution for all of your cooking needs. 

This includes a product that leaves up 99% less residue that helps you to prepare flavorful meals with less prep and clean up time.

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As a mom of two (almost three), I can attest that I don't want to spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning up. Part of my routine is to cook with PAM and while the food is cooking, I clean as I go, so the mess is a lot smaller when we sit down to eat. When I entertain, I also love using PAM with some of my favorites being PAM Baking, PAM Grilling, PAM Organic Olive Oil and PAM Original for flavorful and non-messy meals. This is a huge relief (and time saver) that I have discovered after using other oils and sprays where I am left with icky pots and pans that require so much extra work and energy to clean. As someone that doesn't have a dishwasher (sob), I don't want to spend the rest of my evenings after a party or time with the kids cleaning.

With PAM you simply have to spray, enjoy your food and spend less time cleaning. It is a win-win for everyone, and a great way for summer entertaining as well as dinner as we ease back to our back-to-school routines.

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