Don't Lose It--Label It

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Kids have high priorities, swinging, playing pirate, splashing in puddles. Hanging on to their clothing and sippy cups has never ranked high on the list of things to do for toddlers and preschoolers.

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That's where Mabel's Labels come in. I've attached Mabel's famous sticky labels to all my daughter's sippy cups and toys--this small effort has saved me big bucks. Whenever I forget her sippy cup at school or the church's nursery, I always get it back. And it's a snap to sort toys at the end of the day--I just pick up the ones from the sandbox with her pink choo-choo labels.

I've already placed my order for my clothing labels. Clothing tags come in iron-on versions or "Tag Mates" which are stick on labels (no ironing required). These are a must for back-to-school and for any child in daycare or camp. Protect your clothing investment and make sure that Juicy Couture sweater or pair of Diesel jeans makes it way back home.

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