Disney Delivers Fresh Magic to Times Sqauare


I'm a tough cookie when it comes to shopping. I managed stores for Ralph Lauren on Michigan Ave. and here in NYC. I expect a lot.When Disney opened a flagship in NYC last year I wasn't wowed. I gave them a second visit today--merely one day before the grand re-opening--and I can say "bravo" to the shopping/entertainment experts they hired.

The 20,000+ sq. foot store always carried the most elite disneyesque merchandise. I found fault with the "experience." Now they deliver. Through a thoughtful re-imagining of the space the store has eliminated the stagnant spots and given visitors (10,000 on the busiest day) a little slice of Disney magic in NYC.


As I toured the store, the team was perfecting pop-up animation to make even the 42 second elevator ride a transporting experience thanks to animation magic. We suggest telling a staff member about a celebration in your family to see the magic in action.

At our last visit in 2010, we were impressed with the merchandise, and if anything they've gone deeper in this category. The Disney brand has gotten trendier and cooler with each year. Must-have items include: Kidada "Wish a Little" collection, Vinalmation collectables and the Minnie/Statue of Liberty. And don't even get us started on the Cars collection in honor of the new movie.


Thank you Disney for the private tour and for making me believe you care deeply about the customer experience. The store re-opens tomorrow at 10am.


Disclosure: We aren't Disney Bloggers. we've never been sent to the Magic Kingdom. We did get a scented candle. NO amount of Pixie Dust will challenge our views.

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