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Dental Tips for Parents

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Taking care of our teeth is crucial as a part of our overall wellness. Personally, I have been using the emmi-dent starter kit with my family (we use separate brushing heads and they have some for kids as well!) where I have loved how gentle and non-abrasive it is thanks to its motionless, friction-free system that is actually deep cleaning the teeth and gums!

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Through this motionless system, the emmi-dent brushes are actually fighting tooth decay, bad breath and treating stains like coffee, wine and tea. Without using any harsh chemicals, it is ideal for crowns, veneers, implants and dentures as well as braces (Emmi-dent offers a special Ortho brush just for brace wearers). It also ideal for those with sensitive teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis or for anyone seeking a healthy, clean, whiter smile. To help us understand more dental tips we worked with emmi-dent to provide us with some tips on how to take care our teeth.

  • SUGARY DRINKS + STRAWS: Due to the sugary deposits left in the mouth, using a straw while drinking the soda will have less contact with the teeth.
  • COFFEE FOR MOM: Mom needs caffeine and opt for green tea instead as it promotes cavity prevention and improved gum health.
  • GUM AFTER LUNCH: It is hard to have children brush their teeth after eating lunch. One solution is to pack sugar free gum that contains Xylitol (sugar substitute) to help kill bacteria in the mouth after eating during the day.
  • WATER PREVENTS BAD BREATH : The best way to rid of bad breath is to drink a lot of water as it helps to remove bacteria from the mouth.
  • FLUORIDE: Although many parents prefer to not use flouride, it is important to have a toothpaste with flouride to help kill bacteria. Be sure to have children rinse their mouth out well after brushing.
  • BABIES: Oral hygiene is important for babies so starting very early helps. Here are a few things to note for infants and the first tooth (between 6 to 10 month) ; Avoid sirup on the baby bottle, try buying sirup with no sugar. Do put your child to sleep after breast-feeding; Use a soft cloth with water to gently clean the gums and first teeth. When the baby is able to chew; stop feeding him with soft/mashed food, it is important to develop the chewing's capacities of the children as salivation is necessary to eliminate bacteria of the tooth surface.

How To Use Emmi-dent

It might be a challenge, but the secret to using Emmi-dent is NOT to brush! (Then why is there a brush, you ask? The bristles act as the delivery system for the nano-bubbles in the toothpaste.)

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1. Step One: Hold the brush head briefly under running water.

2. Step Two: Apply two small dabs of Emmi-dent Nano-Bubble toothpaste to the bristles. Do NOT use any other toothpaste as only Emmi-dent’s proprietary toothpaste produces the billions of microscopic, non-abrasive nano-bubbles needed to work in conjunction with the piezo chip.

3. Step Three: Gently distribute the toothpaste onto the teeth.

4. Step Four: Gently hold the bristles against the teeth. Do NOT brush! Bristles should span across 2-3 teeth. Hold the brush head for 5-10 seconds and then move on to the next set of teeth, both inside and out and on the chewing surface.

5. Step Five: Rinse the brush head and handle under running water for 20 seconds while the device is still on to kill any bacteria on the brush.

An Emmi-dent starter kit is $189 and includes a hand piece, charging station, two brush heads, and Emmi-dent Nano-bubble toothpaste. Toothpaste and brush head refills can be purchased separately. All are available via or

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