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My hubs and I moved into our house several years ago and other than switching out our throw pillows and adding some accessories here and there, we haven't really updated the decor. Basically, I've been living with the same color scheme for over five years and mama needs a change! After two kiddos and the everyday wear and tear that comes along with a growing family, our space could definitely use a little sprucing up.

Unfortunately decorating doesn't come as naturally to me as styling does. I can put together an outfit in no time flat, but asking me to select pieces to decorate a room is another story. Don't get me's not that I'm not interested in home decor. I love pouring over home magazines.I could spend hours creating moodboards for my space! I just need help visualizing how the pieces or design concepts that I fall in love with would look in my home. That's where InStyle and Target come in...

InStyle offers a Room Inspiration page that allows you to create unique and fun room looks using Threshold from Target products. It's extremely user friendly, but fair warning...You may lose a couple hours or so once you start putting together your design boards!

Here are a few of my boards, so you can seen what I'm talking about...Right now, I'm teetering between going really bold with my color choices and going for a more natural, rustic look. I could even combine the concepts and use a combination of both ideas...What do you think lovelies?


Here are a few of my design boards...You can see the rest HERE!

So, are you inspired to add some new accents to a room of yours that could use a makeover? Head on over to the Room Inspiration page and create your own board! I would love to see your board if create one.Leave the link in a comment so we can all ooohhh and ahhhhh over your fabulous aesthetic and perhaps get even more inspired ourselves!

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This is a sponsored post for InStyle and Target, but the opinions expressed are our own.

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