Decidedly Different Presents for Urban Kids

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Are you opposed to anything clothing featuring Thomas or Dora? Are baby blue and confectioners pink banned from your child's wardrobe? If you shun the logo and long for sophisticated colors, I've got two great brands to consider for your gift buying.

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Sorry Mum: Norwegian mom, Karina Udland was fed up with all the sugary sweet clothes for kids. Her response was dark. Very dark, in fact entirely black. Perfect for city kids, these hip clothes hide stains and really hold up after a rough play date. My new favorites include the baby dragon one-piece set (also available in lizard or seahorse). For warm climates, I like the linen dress or romper. Email Karina for $US prices and shipping info:

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Eye Spy Baby: Splurge on a spectacular cashmere onesie. I love the earthy stripes paired with a bunny or rabbit logo. $75 on their site. Or pick an allover stripe romper off the Forest & Zoe web site. $138 This brand is a big standout from its kiddie competitors.

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